Did you know? Changing Your SQLWorks email password

If your company email password has changed, SQLWorks won’t be able to integrate with your email – here’s how to fix that.

You can update your SQLWorks integrated email password via ‘Preferences’ in the main Nav Bar (1). Clicking ‘User Prefs’ will open your company’s SQLWorks users, giving you access to some of your own accounts settings by clicking your own name on the user list.

This opens the Employee Info window shown above. In the bottom right panel your email settings are saved (2) – here you can update your User ID and Password, along with other integrated email settings such as your email signature.

Higher security user settings can only be changed by a designated system administrator, or the SQLWorks team by formal request.


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Did you Know? Quick Select

Quick Select

Depending on the size of your business, SQLWorks Companies List can be very large – so what’s the fastest way to find what you need?

SQLWorks ‘Quick Select’ feature has been built to help you find entries you’re likely to need, such as those with recent or outstanding records, or on one of your personal saved Client Lists.

Clicking the small arrows beside the ‘Search’ field in the Search Menu opens the Quick Select Menu. From here users can quickly filter the full Companies List with one of several pre-saved options, for example companies with ‘Recent Phone Logs’, ‘Running Tasks’ or ‘Diary Entries this Week.’ Quick Selects for Stock and Purchase Ledger (SL/PL), and Client Lists or Client Type, are also available to choose.

SQLWorks will narrow your list to those entries matching the chosen quick select, which can significantly help cut the time you spend looking for records. The SQLWorks team can even add additional Quick Select queries if your business needs them.

When you’re done, simply click the blue ‘Undo’ Arrow on the right hand side of the ‘Search Bar’ to return to viewing the full Companies List.


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