Pricing & Discounting

  • Customer-specific pricing & discount rules
  • Introduce time-limited and quantity breaks
  • Sophisticated brand/location/hierarchical discounts
  • Divide trade & retail pricing
  • Import bulk changes, rules or uplifts


pricing and discounting

Pricing & discounting rules allow stock controllers to create custom pricing rules that flexibly modify pricing, tailor item code/descriptions, or enforce price breaks when certain conditions are met.

Managed either centrally from the stock item across different customers, or from a customer’s sales account across a range of items, pricing rules are a convenient and powerful way to manage inventory.

Both default Sale/RRP and default trade price can be used in tandem, or modified by pricing and discounting rules. In addition to a number of different cost pricing models, sale price changes are also tracked with a full sale price history.

Inventory pricing can be updated individually or in bulk: using either a global pricing utility or via export/import of changes from raw data – helping companies with long supplier stock catalogues keep on top of pricing.

Conditional rules give businesses the ability to generate extra sales with temporary promotions, encourage impulse purchasing, or keep slow stock moving. For more advanced operations, SQLWorks helps companies present the same stock item in different ways to better fit customer needs, based on quantity, calendar dates or more.

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UK Office for National Statistics – June 2022





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