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Integrated CRM Software for Modern Communication

  • ‘Groupware’ under one single system to keep your entire team on the same page.
  • Hours of work duplication saved, with sales, email and task management that already integrated directly with business accounting.
  • Greater visibility and control over the sales pipeline, document management, projects, company files and more.
  • Flexibility and support from a software team that helps fit your CRM software to your industry.



…The research found that the main reason for changing [CRM] supplier was a poor fit in terms of the business requirements – 48% of respondents thought this was a problem.”


‘State of the CRM Market’ – TechUK Report 2019

sales pipeline

Sales Pipeline

Nurture opportunities and grow your business with integrated leads management – assign an agent to each new lead, capture important information, estimate value and profit, move leads through custom pipeline stages, and keep track of your team’s efforts to close sales.

  • Custom sales pipeline stages
  • Assign or filter by Sales Agent/Rep
  • Sales quarter controls
  • Sales activity log
  • Sales lead to new customer conversion tool



document management

Document Management

Move towards a paperless office by managing digital copies of your documents, and synchronise across multiple workflows to ensure your data is always accurate.

  • Drag’n Drop document attachment
  • Custom categorisation
  • Link files to financial transactions, stock items & more
  • Cloud Sync to Microsoft 365, Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, traditional file servers & more.
  • Automated attachment of engineering guidance

Workflow Optimisation

Manage your team’s projects, tasks, actions, leads and more to supervise workloads and keep your business running like clockwork.

  • Task Management & ticketing
  • Sales Pipeline/Leads Management
  • Project Management
  • Integrated email system
  • Powerful shared calendar

Professional Customer Service

SQLWorks CRM gives you managed interaction with an infinite number of business associates, categorising your contacts, scheduling with your calendar, initiating correspondence, phone calls and emails, logging every touchpoint as needed, and all from one place.

  • Adaptable Phone Logging
  • Integrated calendar, email & document archive
  • Automated ticket status emails to clients
  • Call-back reminders
  • Custom client types & categorisation


“… We approached Lineal who intuitively understood our brief and were able to create a cost-effective solution… We would have no hesitation in recommending Lineal for projects small and large.”


Saltrock Surfwear



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