Workflow Optimisation

  • Task, lead & project management software
  • Powerful shared calendar
  • Bulk HTML Emailing
  • Powerful Contact Database Tools
  • Categorisation, Query and List Building




SQLWorks contains a full suite of task, lead and project management tools for workflow optimisation.

Save time and money: assign tasks and sales leads to individuals and log progress, prioritise by urgency and segment work among groups for more efficient working. All your correspondence and phone logs link directly to tasks, contact records and more to ensure that you spend less time hunting for information.

Work more efficiently with an intuitive shared calendar that organises your entire team. Deploy group settings to collaborate effectively, and set easy reminders that prompt within SQLWorks or via email.

SQLWorks works the way you work – your calendar can be configured to display any time sensitive data, planning projects, sales or orders with ease to match your business’ normal working. Because that work could be anywhere, SQLWorks can synchronise with mobile devices, to keep you on target wherever you are.

Never waste time on software failures: SQLWorks remembers past users and archives deleted events, so that your calendar can always recover historic data, errors or edits from any point in time if needed.

All your SQLWorks CRM tools integrate with SQLWorks Accounts and Stock control to ensure that every part of your business processes operate fluidly.


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“…The research found that the main reason for changing [CRM] supplier was a poor fit in terms of the business requirements – 48% of respondents thought this was a problem.”


‘State of the CRM Market’ – TechUK Report 2019





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