Quality Assurance & Testing

  • Build & Assign custom quality tests
  • Wide range of metrics
  • Batch Quality Certification
  • Pass/Failure criteria
  • QA Test at goods-in, works ordering & batch control


In-built quality testing allows SQLWorks companies to maintain standards as an integrated part of business operations.

Quality tests may be created as standalone templates for your business, and can be customised for a wide range of different metrics. Saved tests can be either advisory or pass/fail, and include numerical measurements, dates, text answers and more – as well as specifying a level of precision for measurement, up to five decimal places.

Each component or bills of materials can have a default of quality tests assigned, helping formalise testing regimes that apply to each different kind of stock item.

Our batch control also supports batch quality certification – allowing you to either batch log a certificate provided to you by a supplier, or generate a new certificate from the results of your quality testing.

Quality testing can be standardised as part of the goods-in process, to sample stock quality, as part of finished-goods inspection during works orders.

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