Process Routing

  • Work Centres
  • Customisable Process Routes
  • Track Time/Labour Costs
  • Issue Pick Sheets
  • Production Dashboard & Reporting


process routes

SQLWorks manufacturing is supported by the creation of defined work centres where production or processing can take place. Each Bill of Materials can follow a process route moving through up to six work centres by default, or be re-routed for individual works order.

Individual time or labour costs can be factored into assembly or processing at each stage of the default process route, or input manually for specific works orders passing through specific work centres. This grants for extra flexibility and variation to order.

Works orders may generate route-optimised pick sheets for warehouse operatives to draw down stock more efficiently and incorporate stock adjustments into updated stock levels.

At any time, an over-arching Works Order dashboard gives total visibility over all manufacturing. Data may be filtered by either outstanding or other stages of works order, and display real-time status indicators for the availability of required components needed for each Works Order.

Process routes allow production managers to introduce granular controls and cost models to the manufacturing process, maintain oversight over multiple works orders, and manage a factory floor more efficiently.

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