Material Requirements Planning

  • Multi-Level MRP Run
  • Automated Works & Purchase Order Creation
  • Variable Time Horizon
  • Build to Order or Stock Reserve
  • Demand-source Drill-down
  • MRP Reporting
  • Automatic Purchase Cost Update

mrp software

To improve the efficiency of manufacturing and purchasing, SQLWorks offers a sophisticated MRP tool – helping you stay two steps ahead of demand for components and materials.

Each MRP run identifies exactly where stock shortfalls need to be resolved, and automatically assembles the correct draft Purchase and Works Orders needed to meet demand based on your preferences.

MRP runs may be configured for longer timeframes to plan further ahead, or shorter timeframes to improve cash flow. Using the visibility available to a highly-integrated software, users can drill-down to individual Sales or Works Orders, and easily investigate the source of demand to sense-check new purchasing.

Whether you sell in bulk or build-to-order, MRP helps you plan for your material requirements efficiently and eliminate the high cost of delays.

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How MRP Works:

Each time you begin an MRP run, SQLWorks scans through all your Sales (and Works) Orders, looking for demand for stock. It calculates which stock is already available, checks if components and materials are needed, and brings back recommendations.

Those recommendations may be draft Purchase Orders (‘we need to buy A from Supplier B’) or Works Orders (We need to make X with Y.’)

Unlike a human, MRP can scan through hundreds of orders, through multiple levels of Bill of Materials, cross-checking against tens of thousands of stock lines, bring back exact results in moments, and even prepare the paperwork for you to approve outgoing emails. That automation potentially saves hundreds, even thousands, of person-hours creating routine purchase orders and works orders manually – and revolutionise the logistics behind manufacturing.

how mrp works


  • Optimised Buying

    The bigger your business, the harder it becomes for one person to ‘see’ the whole picture themselves. Integrated MRP software has a much clearer visibility of both the stock you hold and the demand that’s coming, and can make clear decisions about quantities needed than even the World’s most perceptive purchasing manager.

  • Better Timing

    As long as your Sales and Production teams are logging demand for stock via Sales Orders and Works Orders, MRP can ‘look ahead’ into the future; warning you of stock shortages before they happen and making sure they are avoided. Delays cost money, so become a scheduling champion.

  • A Stress-Free Life

    Well not entirely, but it’s true that MRP can save many hours of staff time doing routine admin. Like other automation, MRP is particularly good at the ‘mundane’ work: volume purchasing that involves lots of lines and SKU codes. While these are not difficult for a human, it’s often not the best use of their time.



…We are clear that the faster adoption of technology will result in greater investment and in more manufacturing taking place in the UK.”


UK Gov ‘Made Smarter’ Manufacturing Review




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