Professional Customer Service

  • Adaptable Phone Logging
  • Integrated HTML Emailing
  • Task, Lead and Project Management




Professional customer service depends on strong communication with your customers – CRM software should make this process easy and rewarding. With the right tools, your customers will consider your customer care a cut above the rest.

SQLWorks includes a range of CRM tools for all the ‘touchpoints’ you have with customers – allowing you to optionally log phone calls, emails sent & received, documents exchanged, sales leads, assigned tasks and more.

Calls, emails and more all integrate directly to your diary, lead, task or project management, to ensure that your software encourages joined-up working and that you can always find what you need quickly.

Simple keyboard shortcuts allow users in a fast-paced office environment to serve customers more efficiently. Raise a new phone log instantly, prioritise tasks and assign work to individual users efficiently.

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“…The research found that the main reason for changing [CRM] supplier was a poor fit in terms of the business requirements – 48% of respondents thought this was a problem.”


‘State of the CRM Market’ – TechUK Report 2019





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