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Professional Customer Service

  • Adaptable Phone Log
  • In-built email & document archive
  • Task, lead & project management

Professional customer service depends on strong communication with your customers – CRM software should make this process easy and rewarding.

SQLWorks includes a flexible phone log which allows users to record incoming and outgoing phone calls, plan work and link contacts to each part of SQLWorks.

All SQLWorks data feeds back into your companies list. This ensures your users can easily check every ‘touchpoint’ throughout a client’s history with your company.

Calls, emails and more all integrate directly to your diary, lead, task or project management, to ensure that your software encourages joined-up working and that you can always find what you need rapidly.


Simple keyboard shortcuts allow users in a fast-paced office environment to serve customers more quickly as needed. Raise a new phone log instantly, prioritise tasks and assign work to individual users efficiently.

SQLWorks CRM can also be set by our team on request to more closely match the exact working procedures of your sector.


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