Document Management

  • Drag and drop document storage
  • Link files to financial records, orders and more
  • Intelligent file tagging & categorisation
  • Integrated Engineering/BOMs Documentation
  • Integration with Microsoft 365, Sharepoint, Google Drive & more


document management


SQLWorks has been designed to assist with document management and move you towards the paperless office.

Simply drag and drop to store documents, images or other file types within the SQLWorks database – linking essential file types to customers or suppliers, financial records, orders, stock items and more.

Custom categorisation allows your team to quickly tag and organise files to power automated workflows elsewhere in SQLWorks – issuing important engineering documents to the shop floor during manufacturing, auto-populating project management stages, or simply recording attachments emailed to customers for ease of traceability.

Document management also integrates with numerous external document management system either on traditional file servers, or cloud based platforms such as Microsoft 365, Dropbox or Google Drive.


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“…The research found that the main reason for changing [CRM] supplier was a poor fit in terms of the business requirements – 48% of respondents thought this was a problem.”


‘State of the CRM Market’ – TechUK Report 2019





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