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Document Management

  • Document scan & internal archive
  • Link files to financial transactions
  • Orphaned files utility

SQLWorks has been designed to assist with document management and move you towards the paperless office.

Our scanning utility helps you process large numbers of paper documents into SQLWorks, and link items to your contacts. Two storage types are available – internal storage on the same database, and external storage to match your data backup schedule.

Simply drag and drop files to store scanned documents in specific places, attaching paperwork to financial transactions or other processes within SQLWorks.

To make best use of space, SQLWorks records your file headers and data separately, allowing users to remove historic files to be removed whilst keeping a record of content.


An files utility allows users to check for orphaned files and broken links – making sure that your record keeping remains accessible and accurate even if users accidentally delete or move entries within SQLWorks.

SQLWorks Works the way you work – set custom file locations for scanned items and archive paper documents.


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