Sales Ledger

  • Quoting, Ordering and Invoicing
  • Intelligent Credit Control
  • Integrated emailing & statement runs
  • Multi-currency accounting
  • Customer-specific templates & settings
  • Integrated stock control
  • Extensive Reporting


sales ledger

Stay on top of quotes, orders and invoices with our advanced Sales Ledger accounting tools. With SQLWorks, your accounts team can keep a detailed sales account for every customer, and manage your customers more efficiently.

Sales Ledger keeps a close track of each customer’s aged debt balance: set a credit limit for each business along with precise payment terms, deadlines and choose how and when SQLWorks places customer accounts on hold.

Integrated email helps you send quotes, orders, invoices and credit notes direct to customers either individually or en masse, knowing that everything is automatically logged for future reference. Statements can be generated instantly or in bulk as part of a statement run at any time.

Report extensively on turnover, profit, balance history, debt days, quoting, ordering, invoicing, stock sales history and much more with confidence, with a wide range of filter and export options. Everything is automatically saved to your nominal ledger, for disciplined sales accounting.

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