Purchase Ledger | SQLWorks - Business Software from Lineal

Purchase Ledger

  • Enter Payments & Transactions
  • Invoicing & Settlements
  • Set Consolidations

Use SQLWorks Purchase Ledger to control your transactions with suppliers: organising outgoing payments, new purchase orders and invoices.

Print or email remittance notes automatically, prepare for reconciled items and advance payments, monitor credit notes, and manage outgoing payments with foreign currencies or via BACS.

For large scale ordering: bigger businesses can use SQLWorks to set consolidations, record duties and delivery on costs/landed costs, or perform complex valuations in multiple currencies for international trading.

If using SQLWorks Stock, your Purchase Ledger accounts constantly update your Stock Ledger as stock is delivered, updating valuations and order allocation in a streamlined process.

Credit Analysis reporting allows a user to organise what is owed, to whom and when. Financial transactions in your purchase ledger update your overall Nominal Ledger in real time – giving you reliable, instant oversight over your business finances.


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