Purchase Ledger

  • Purchase Ordering & advanced Goods In
  • Optimise buying & spending
  • Purchase Authorisation Controls
  • Integrated emailing & forward orders
  • Multi-currency accounting
  • Goods-in rules, batch tracking and certification
  • Extensive Reporting


purchase accounting


SQLWorks Purchase Ledger makes it easier to optimise your company’s buying patters and keep spending under control.

Manage new purchase orders, inbound deliveries, outgoing payments and all your supplier relationships in a professional way.

Call-off forward orders, email remittance notes automatically, prepare for reconciled items and advance payments, monitor credit notes, and manage outgoing payments with foreign currencies.

Businesses trading internationally can use in-built containerisation and shipping tools – helping group items into larger shipments, record tariff codes, customers and on-costs.

If using SQLWorks Stock, your Purchase Ledger accounts constantly update your Stock Ledger with important batch-tracking information at delivery, updating valuations and order allocation in a streamlined way, right from goods-in.

Credit Analysis reporting allows a user to organise what is owed, to whom and when. Financial transactions in your purchase ledger update your overall Nominal Ledger in real time – giving you reliable, instant oversight over your business purchasing.

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…The manufacturing industry reported the highest percentage of businesses with 10 or more employees experiencing global supply chain disruption, at 37%…”


UK Office for National Statistics – June 2022

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