Order Management

  • Manage Line-Level Order Sub Quantities
  • Automated Stock to Order Allocation Tool
  • Custom Allocation Stages
  • Sales and Purchase Authorisation Controls
  • Shipping & Containerisation

order management


Get complete control over your Order Processing with SQLWorks – take stock items and allocate items to fulfil customer sales orders with maximum efficiency. SQLWorks Order Allocation assist you in managing fulfilment operations at scale.

Set order lines and manage the dispatch of items from your stock ledger, anticipate stock shortfalls before they happen and instantly integrate your sales order processing with your accounts.

Businesses can closely match SQLWorks more closely to an existing model: generate custom pick sheets and invoices, and organise dispatch around up to 20 user-defined stages – identifying delays and blockages with all the visibility of an integrated system. Your Stock Ledger is fully compatible with barcode scanning, for added efficiency when picking or stock checking products.

SQLWorks holds not only live data, but a complete stock transaction history of your stock at any point in time – allowing you business instant traceability of past stock flow.

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…The manufacturing industry reported the highest percentage of businesses with 10 or more employees experiencing global supply chain disruption, at 37%…”


UK Office for National Statistics – June 2022

order management




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