Sales Pipeline

  • Custom sales pipeline stages
  • Assign or filter by Sales Agent/Rep
  • Sales quarter controls
  • Sales activity log
  • Sales lead to new customer conversion tool


sales pipeline

Capture and close more leads than ever before with our SQLWorks Sales Pipeline & Lead Management functions – supporting your sales team to stay organised and nurture brand new business opportunities effectively.

Create a pipeline of stages specific to your exact business, and progress each opportunity from discovery and qualification, through to quotation and beyond. Assign Leads to individuals for better focus, and log both upfront or contractual values, along side win probabilities that measure how much business sits at each stage of your pipeline. Leads and their essential contact details can be categorised or filtered extensively, working within sales quarters, product type or any other classification your team needs. Keeping track of Lead sources can help inform future marketing efforts, and help set timely follow-up dates with key decision-makers.

Managing sales leads independently helps build skills and keep non-customers from cluttering up your Sales Ledger, develops prospects and can involve a blend of relevant customer-relationship data from other parts of SQLWorks within each saved lead – including documents, phone and activity logs, integrated email threads and more.

When leads close successfully, use powerful conversion tools to migrate all the details of your customer into their new customer account, ensuring a comprehensive sales history goes into the handover process.

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‘State of the CRM Market’ – TechUK Report 2019





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