• Sales & purchase accounting
  • Multi-currency accounting
  • Sundry Cash accounting
  • Powerful Nominal/General Ledger
  • Cash Flow management
  • Extensive Reporting & Financial Analysis


accounting software


SQLWorks Accounts offers an extensive array of bookkeeping and accounting tools, to ensure that you can manage departmental budgets, banking, outgoings, VAT, petty cash and more with precision.

Manage selling and buying with ease from twin Sales & Purchase Ledgers – auto-generating quotes, orders and invoices, monitoring payments, debts and credit from one place.

Your Nominal Ledger is constantly updated in real time from financial transaction data gathered in your ledgers, ensuring that your reporting always remains current.

Each user can set custom bookkeeping defaults, setting accounting terms with other companies, and tweaking the complexity of the SQLWorks display itself to suit.

SQLWorks in multiple currencies to allow for international trading, records a full transaction history, and integrates fully with the CRM & Stock control modules for more coordinated business accounting.

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UK Office for National Statistics – June 2022

accounting software




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