Companies List

Companies List is the foundation of Lineal SQLWorks upon which the software is built, and is constructed from a range of features to professionally manage your customer relations, accounts, stock or other tools.

Found in the CRM module on the Navigation Bar, Companies List (1) links directly to other sections of SQLWorks, allowing a user to record contact details, track correspondence, or add records, such as tasks, leads, projects, phone logs, diary appointments or related Stock Ledger information via that company’s entry.

Your list is displayed down the left hand side of the SQLWorks window (2.) You can click a company to load its details in the Company Information pane in the top right of the window (3), amend this information from the Toolbar (4), or cycle through related SQLWorks tools using the Company Tabs in the bottom right pane (5.)

Listed companies can be categorised in any way that you choose: ‘Industry Type’ allows for a simple marker of sector, whilst SQLWorks’ ‘Client Types’ function allows the user to create a series of flexible custom checkbox categories under which to file different companies. A user can modify these categories under ‘Extras’ in the Navigation Bar to match their own way of working.

Building the perfect mailing list is straightforward: narrowed company lists can be collated using SQLWorks’ ‘Client Lists’ function. These can be fixed or dynamic, saving a set list, or saving a query with set search criteria producing variable results as new data is added to your Companies List over time. SQLWorks Export and Print tools also allow the user greater flexibility for outside work.

Companies List is unlimited in size, and there are no hidden software costs for adding new contacts at any level. Because of this, SQLWorks includes tools for managing larger contact lists, including an automated check for duplicate entries, and a ‘Consolidate’ capability to merge duplicate entries for data cleaning. A ‘Confirm Details’ power permits users to date-stamp the last time a company’s entry was checked for errors, and ‘Prompt Notes’ gives a user the option to leave a popup reminder to future users accessing that entry.

SQLWorks has two address settings to choose from: Simple and Complex. Simple addresses fulfill all the normal functions of CRM, whilst complex addresses allow larger operations to avoid dual-entry of frequently used details. Named individuals can be logged under multiple companies, and Companies List can verify towns against a custom approved list for greater accuracy.

Your settings can be configured to match the work flow of your business, including bespoke tabs and ‘User Defined’ fields to record data and references unique to your business along side a company’s entry. Tailored security settings grant each user of SQLWorks access to specific features and data, and can be configured by Lineal in line with your company’s data protection or confidentiality procedures.

SQLWorks operates how you work, not the other way around. Companies List has been designed to help you record a wealth of information, categorise and sort known contacts easily, export data simply, and efficiently integrate your businesses records with SQLWorks’s other tools for smarter working.