SQLWorks V10 Live on Big Sur & Windows 10 (20H2)

big sur
Operating System Update:

SQLWorks Version 10 is officially compatible with Apple macOS 11 (‘Big Sur’) and Windows 10 October 2020 Update (’20H2’).

Our SQLWorks Software Development Team – which uses both Apple macOS and Microsoft Windows 10 for development – works hard to ensure our software maintains the best possible lifespan and interoperability, without the need for companies to spend on paid version upgrades.

big sur

Big Sur introduces a number of changes to Apple macOS, including visual enhancements, updated notifications, and performance improvements such as the ability to install updates prior to a restart.

Windows 10’s October 2020 update, coded 20H2, introduces a number of Windows 10 Start menu, taskbar and visual enhancements, and changes to Windows’ Settings controls.

In testing, SQLWorks performs around 5% faster under each operating system.

Although we generally recommend users do not install operating system updates on mission-critical devices during OS beta-testing, or immediately at point of new version release, keeping IT platforms up to date is both an important cybersecurity and business continuity measure – and users should seek to move to the latest operating systems once tested successfully.


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