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  • Manufacture from saved ‘builds’
  • Integrate accounting with component kits
  • Apportion materials, labour & other resources

Beginning life as a manufacturing platform, SQLWorks allows businesses to save a limitless number of component parts for product kitting.

Save known ‘builds’ from individual parts, materials, labour and other resources with automated costing. Alternate kits, multiple build schedules, build locations and kits within kits allow you to configure your manufacturing process to be as simple or complex as you need.

Assign your bill of materials from the stock ledger, checking how many items can be made, generating works orders and accounting for the whole process within SQLWorks for more professional enterprise resource planning (ERP.)


Every part of the process is fully integrated with the SQLWorks CRM and Accounts modules with data updated in real time, ensuring that your whole business always runs in synchronisation with your works orders.


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