Bills of Material

  • Multi-level Bills of Material (BOMs)
  • Costed Assembly, including labour
  • Backflushing
  • Part cost blow-through from purchasing
  • Automated Engineer Documentation

SQLWorks supports complex, multi-levels bills of material for the production of manufactured products based on kits, recipes or other assemblies combining parts or materials.

Driving works orders, production managers can control the components that are ‘taken’ from stock, and defaults for where and when BOMs are ‘built’ into stores.

BOMs can follow up to six sub-assembly levels, with sub costs automatically carried up to higher levels of the hierarchy – following uplift multipliers where necessary, as well as default production preferences.

Part details are held one level of abstraction higher, such that part codes, costs and more can be changed or superseded with a full audit trail.

Part costs can be optionally auto-updated from received purchase orders – with costs automatically blown-through all relevant Bills of Material costs.

Where allocation is challenging or impractical due to small parts, divisible quantities or gradual crafting – BOMs may be backflushed to draw down stock quantity after production is complete.

Engineering documentation, blueprints, images and more may also be saved against each BOM, and tagged for automated printing alongside Works Orders to help instruct production on the factory floor.


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