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Inventory & Stock History

  • Full historic record for audit tracking
  • Complex stock valuations
  • Integrated with SQLWorks Accounts

SQLWorks Stock saves your full stock inventory history – logging all stock movements over time and a complete transaction history for audit tracking the location, progression and cost of any stock items at any given time.

Your products list can save numerous details about each stock ledger item in your inventory, including your usual suppliers, user-defined stock groups, component parts, ‘reason codes’ to record spoilage, and many other commonly required stock attributes.

A range of inventory costing options allow a business to set a default valuation method for their particular type of stock, allowing for on-costs of imported goods, fungible materials, labour costs, foreign currency fluctuations and price variations between batches.


Working with future costs, SQLWorks users can also set new sale values for stock ahead of time, automatically updating your business to a new pricing structure at a given date.

All your chosen settings feed directly into your stock audit and accounts, ensuring that your inventory valuations remains the most appropriate one for your business at all times.


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