Contacts Directory

  • Unlimited, flexible address book
  • Client-focused integration with all SQLWorks features
  • Intelligent error cleaning tools

Your Companies List is the main contacts directory of SQLWorks upon which the software is built, and gives you an extensive database to professionally manage your customer relations, accounts, stock or other tools.

Simply store contact information, or perform more complex CRM tasks: for example custom categorising contacts by industry, adding entries into SQLWorks phone log, tracking related leads, projects and quotes, or initiating tasks for that company.

Building a mailing list is easy: with SQLWorks ‘Client Lists’ tool you can build set or dynamic lists from a wide array of query categories, combining terms and narrowing your contacts to the precise segment of your address book you need.

The contacts database is highly scalable, without contact limits and with configurable user-defined fields to filter, sort and manage your data your way.

SQLWorks also includes intelligent error cleaning tools – preventing unnecessary entry of addresses, administrating error checking, verifying geographic details for accuracy, and merging duplicate entries with ease.

All these SQLWorks tools can be run from your main Companies List to ensure your organisation’s activity stays client focused.


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