SQLWorks Change Log

Recent Updates and Bug Fixes

This page details SQLWorks software version updates, faults identified and bugs fixed.
Last Updated: 28.05.2020


April 2020
Module  Version  Published Notes  New Feature? 
Accounts  8016  Each user can decide to show numeric columns with zeros as blank in the Quote/Order/Transaction tabs.
CRM  8016  Added Task last edit date & time to Task Lists 
CRM  8.016  Can open a linked project from a diary entry.
SL/PL  8.016  Can now see transaction date in allocations table. 
STOCK  8.016  Added Minimum stock value field to Print check sheet prompt. 
UPDATE  8.016  Added seconds remaining timer to update working message. 
UPDATE  8.016  Added error checking for fileops during update. 
MAIN  8016  For a new install of SQLWorks, you will be prompted for database connection details. 
SL  8016  Added Credit Note count and Account balance to service Charge list 
SL  8016  If there are credit notes still left unallocated, then service charge invoices are prompted first 
MAIN  8016  Fixed backup of serverless systems. 
NOM  8016  Nominal data now shows variance values in Green / Red when looking at each record, when the Variance tab is enabled. 
NOM  8016  Profit & Loss reports now show budget figure correctly for Loss/Gain 
NOM  8016 

Budget plans now have a setting to set the Income values as Positive or Minus values. 

All data must store as : Income = Negative 

SALES  8016  Multiple customer order lines can be sent to standard WO from sales ledger 
STK  8016  Works order may be unbuilt with stock either being returned to build bin, or default warehouse location  
STK  8016  Auto update of stock price will cascade up the BOMs for that item (depending on preferences) 
STK  8016  Redesign of Works order window 
STK  8016  Resupply qty and additional restock qty added as part of MRP 


March 2020
Module  Version  Published Notes  New Feature? 
ALL  8.15  Clients now able to use SQLWorks to submit/retrieve tax in accordance to MTD 


February 2020
Module  Version  Published Notes  New Feature? 
NOM  8.14  Corrected a bug that prevented get info from working for nominal journals in the nominal load trans list  


January 2020
Module  Version  Published Notes  New Feature? 
SL  8.12  Each Sales account can be prompted to print either Del Note, or Invoice after creating a new document. 
DOCS  812  Exporting documents to the SQLWorks docs folder now adds the correct extension to the file name 
DOCS  812  Changes to move file store utility to allow URL based files to be transferred to database storage 
VAT  812  Added a check to look for items that contain VAT when they are coded to a nominal code that should not allow VAT 
BANK  812  Petty cash transfers cannot contain VAT 
DOC  812  When HTML only emails are read the plain text component will be extracted from HTML if no plain text component could be found 
PRLIST  812  Company mail merge export now has info for details last confirmed 
STK  812  Bill of materials can be imported from a file in kit details tab using drag & drop 


December 2019
Module Version Published Notes New?
PL 812 PL search function now looks for CONTAINS values in Our Ref field. Y
STOCK Stock Ledger Order allocation report was giving an error
STOCK Set kit info lookups to only read data from active kit items
SL Fixes to automatic credit control process
DOCS 812 Document storage mode is restricted to off, internal or external =DB
NOM 812 When clicking on a 0 audit number record, a full was being done. Fixed this problem.
NOM 812 Nominal transactions can now be compressed by Audit code.  Eg, debtors code now shows 1 line per invoice, and not each line by default. You can toggle the display to see all lines, or just the total per Audit Code. Y
SL 8012 My Activity tab can now show ALL activity.  Click on RED toggle icon. Y
NOM 8012 Nominal ledger now allows you to right click a journal and reverse it. You will be able to set the date of the reverse journal but everything else will be handled automatically. Y
NOM 8012 Nominal ledger now allows you to duplicate a journal entry into a new journal then modify details from there. Y
NOM 8012 Nominal journal edit window now handles the entire transaction Instead of one nominal journal line. The edit window can only modify the date, description and reference. When changing the date the change can be applied to all lines. Y
GENERAL 8011 Employee section expanded to include bio and photo Y
STK 8011 Added option to filter stock list by product type from quick select menu


November 2019
Module Version Published Notes New?
STK 8011 Colour, material and size now have a lookup to show previously entered values
STK 8011 Added ‘Show Outstanding W/no’ button Y
STK 8011 Added Works Order list to Stock Menu Y
PRLIST 8011 Fixes to the new company window, SL or PL tabs will automatically be enabled if created from the SL or PL
SL 8011 New preference allowing you to decide if outstanding orders are also put on hold with the account Y
NOM 8011 Corrected column data for T Account display
NOM 8011 Trial Balance has profit value added in totals. Y
CRM 8011 Changed the detection for corrupt emails during import.  Better feedback given Y
CRM 8011 Prompt to delete imported emails after import. Y
CRM 8011 Saving the email headers and MIME lists on email import Y
CRM 8011 Added routine to check for duplicate emails while importing into SQLWorks Y
PREFS 8011 Quotes tab includes additional section to setup trade portal preferences.
STK 8011 Stock type categories have been added to the stock info tab – you can set an unlimited number of stock types (similar to client types) from the stock extras section, you can then tag each stock item against any number of these from the stock info tab Y
STK 8011 Tab sequence reordered, minor adjustments to layout
SL 8011 Order No sequence check now deals with IWT orders
STK 8011 Added field for “commission percentage” to stock Y
SL 8011 Added field for “fixed carriage price” to SL accounts, this is for when there is a carriage agreement in place.



STK 8011 Stock items can now link to another stock item that represents the packet or box that contains it. Package items can be chained together.



SL 8011 Corrections to overnight credit control sync logs



STK 8011 System wide unit values are shown in stock tab



STK 8011 Added unit values in account prefs so that system wide units can be set for the values stored for dimensions (W/D/H) volume, weight and density.



STK 8011 Length has been renamed to height so that we now have width+height+depth. Width can be used for length or diameter if needed



STK 8011 Moved dimension and material information from analysis to info tab



SL 8011 Added a preference that determines whether or not accounts will go on hold if there are transactions that are overdue (instead of just exceeding credit limit)



SALE 8010 Allowed reconciling negatives to keep its transaction open so that other data changes can be made before committing the reconciliation.
SALE 8010 Fixed prepayment nominal journals so that they debit the correct code.



ALL 8010 Corrections to prompt windows that were defaulting to cancel instead of OK



SALE 8010 Adjusted deallocations so that it doesn’t stop a user if the allocation amount is greater than the slh_aloc amount. It will prompt the user to let them know there was an error in the original allocation, but continue with deallocation anyway. Y
October 2019
Module Version Published Notes New
EMAIL  8010  Forwarded Emails now include attachments 
BANK  8010  Bank changes now sync correctly with purchase ledger. 
EMAIL  8010  New tabs in preferences allow the user to modify default subject/body/from address etc based on email type e.g. statements. 
CRM  8010  New option to allow company addresses to have a vat code and be made vat exempt. 
SL  8010  New credit control option for overnight sync – thisis manual during the day but recalculated overnight 
SL  8010  SL accounts will now check credit control via a timer and will set the account on hold every night 
EMAiL  8010  Added check for unsent mail option to email list 
EMAIL  8010  Added status filter to email browser 
PRLIST  8010  Added option of loading inactive companies in the company data report. 


September 2019
Module  Version  Published Notes  New 
SL  8010 

Reports menu, utilities, Check SL Balances. 

Once the Check SL Balences method returns a list of errors there are 2 additional buttons  

(Investigate All and Investigate Selected). These will look through each transaction line by line to check if each transaction has the correct allocation amount and then checks if the variances for each payment are correct. 

Returns a list of errors. 

SL  8010  Changes to transactions tab-allocations tab-context menu. Additional options include go to transaction (takes you to the transaction selected in the list of allocations), check allocations (runs the same method from ‘Investigate selected’ see above), expand list, export list.  Y
SL  8010  Changes to meta data. Disables stock lookup using ‘contains’. Enabled for Lineal only.  
PRList  8009  Changed the layout and design of the touchpoints filter  
Stock  8009  Fixes to the print sheet option in stock audit when filtering by stock group or supplier 
SL/PL  8009  Fixes required to deallocation process where credit notes were allocated with currency variance amounts 
SL/PL  8009  Corrections to the deallocation process which did not work when variance records also needed to be removed 


August 2019
Module  Version  Published Notes  New 
STK  v8009  Added stock audit history to stock history tab. 
SL  v8009  Fixed New receipt windowso correct payment ref is displayed when selecting payment type in radio group. 
STK  v8009  Changes to stock audit ‘print check sheet’ to allow the user to only print records from a particular supplier/stock group. 
STK  v8009  Corrections to IWT transfer process from stock movement screen 
LEADS  v8009  Leads will update tasks to the new company when converted 
CRM  v8009  Fixes to the touch point tab – improved filters, faster loading, bug fixes for fringe load cases 
PL  V8008  Fixed payment window so correct payment ref is displayed when selecting payment type in radio group. 
PL  V8008  Bug fix to prevent error message during reconciliation. 
LEADS  V8008  Bug fix to remember country code selection in the leads window. 


July 2019
Module  Version  Published Details  New 
NOM  V8008  Holding ALT key and clicking on the red TOGGLE button when entering a new Journal, will reverse all existing lines.  Good for reversing a duplicated journal. 
STOCK  V8008  Added Serial No search button to Stock Toolbar. 
ALL  V8007  The number of transactions loaded in a Tab window can now be set. For high transaction count accounts, this will speed up the use of SQLWorks for the user. 
VAT  V8008  Allowed 2 VAT periods to be open.  Only the oldest one will search for out of date transactions. 
SL  V8007  Fixed the loading of some contracts in the sales ledger. 
PL  V8007  Updated incVAT / exVAT buttons on PL order and invoice windows to allow for rounding differences 
SL  V8007  Added quick email button for Inv/ord/Statement addresses. 
NOM  V8007  Fixed double clicking a transaction in the nominal ledger to view it. 
EMAIL  V8007  Fixed issues with sending an email from the email window. 
BANK  V8007  Added ability to edit the opening balance on a bank statement for finance admins by right clicking the field. 


June 2019
Module Version Published Details New





Added quick email button for Inv/ord/Statement addresses.  
SL  V8007  New feature to add an Action record to a Sales/Purchase account to record an action taken, eg, spoken about credit limits, promised funds, sent info, etc.  Press F4 button to initiate. 
VAT  V8007  New HMRC fraud headers implemented as per HMRC instructions 
BANK  V8007 

Rationalised payment/receipt naming type methods, 


VAT  V8007  MTD tools added to connect prev periods 
Pl  V8007  Added Analysis to Defaults Tab 
SL  V8007  Added Analysis to Defaults Tab
DOC  V8007  Due to errors with the documents tab that some clients are having being traced to the tree list, this list is now hidden by default. For those who are used to using this, once it is shown it will remember this for the next time it is accessed. 


May 2019
Module  Version  Published Details  New 
STK  8007  Nominal, Analysis and dept lookups have been fixed in stock window 
STK  8007  Only members of Profit admin can see cost in simple stock tab 
SL  8007  Added VAT to invoice list in receipt window 
SL  8007  Bank details show correctly in receipt window  
PL  8007  Dashboard tab in PL account window now redraws correctly after entering a payment 
SALES  8007  Added functionality to delivery notes to add new lines to existing delivery notes. 


March & April 2019
Module  Version  Published Details  New 
SoP  8007  Added Credit check routine for new SoP orders.  Can be over written in sat lib if required. 
CRM  8007  Added 2FA for remote access by Contact Link users so they can see their own tasks.
CORE  8007  Added 2FA for remote access by Lineal users.
VAT  8007  Making Tax Digital (MTD) now live for UK clients.
SL  8007  Added ability to select multiple Cust orders and invoice into a single record.
NL  8006  Increased the data held per Asset record.
NL  8006  Added option to each Nominal code to show it in the dashboard.
PL  8006  Added Customs account number for Supplier.
PL  8006  Added supplier ID for barcode prefix on their products.
PL  8006  Added number of days for goods to be in transit from supplier.
SL  8006  Added more options for settlements on debtor receipts.
CRM  8007  Added remote access details for Client access via Browser, inc 2FA.


February 2019
Module  Version  Published Details  New 
SL 8006  New data per customer can be held: Settlement terms are set from Inv date or next month date 
PL 8006  New data per supplier can be held: Custom’s No, Manufacturer Bar Code No, Settlement terms 
COMPANY 8006  Remote access can be set by user, with different levels of security.  Passwords are randomised, emailed, etc 
STOCK 8006  Stock unit description is now taken from a lookup list 
VAT 8006  VAT Edit window now supports monthly, 3 monthly & yearly returns 
STOCK 8005.96  New report: Slow Moving Stock. This report identifies stock items that have had a number of transactions under a given threshold in a given timeframe.
CRM 8005.96  Fix: Improved and fixed ability to export the task list shown in the CRM tab of the Companies section.
STOCK 8005.96  New report: Stock Margin report displays the margin on each product with price, amount in stock, etc.


January 2019
Module  Version  Published Details  New?
SCL 8006 When printing the list from the tab, the sort order of the visible tab is preserved.
DOC 8006 Added utilities to clear up space in the database by removing any duplicate files.
MAIN 8006 Added a user preference to set the highlight text colour in the navbar. This preference will only be used on windows installations.
MAIN 8006 Fixed nav bar text visibility when highlighted on windows machines.


December 2018
Module  Version  Published Details  New? 
SL 8006 You can now search invoices for Serial numbers.
SL 8006 Disputed Sales invoices are not taken into consideration for Credit Limit checks.
SL 8006 Disputed sales invoices are now shown in RED.
SL 8006 Halted Orders are now shown in RED.
SL 8005 New defaults for SoP override & SoP Full Stop added. Pricing & Discount flag visible.
SETUP 8005 New image file select buttons on Logo tab now support JGP & PNG file types.
CORE 8005 Many headed lists now have an option to Copy to Clipboard, so great for Excel users. Selected lines are just copied.


November 2018
Module Version Published Details New
ALL 8005 Fixed bugs in various places in the system that would be having issues for users not using either CRM or Accounts.
PL&SL 8005 When using the search windows for SL & PL, double clicking now opens the whole transaction window. 
SL 8005 Fixes to the allocation process where credit notes were used. Y


August / September / October 2018
Module Version Published Details New?
STK 8005 Added Batch ID and Batch Lot Number to batch system allowing tracking of supplier lot numbers.
CRM 8005 Fixed a bug in which the touchpoints tab was not loading any information in additional tabs for individual CRM sections if these were there.
CORE 8005 There is now a button to test entered email settings when editing User Prefs. This will let you know if the settings entered are incorrect or if there is another issue.  Y
SL 8005 When applying credit notes to invoices with settlement you can (optionally) reduce the amount of settlement offered on the invoice Y
SL 8005 Added the ability to reconcile credit notes to invoices while adding a new payment, account credit limit is shown Y


July 2018
Module Version Published Details New?
PR 8004 RM Click to open website addresses in Browser or hold ALT, and open within SQLworks Y
PR 8004 RM click on many email addresses will allow you to email direct from Company/Sales/Purchase paneLs and other places. Y
CRM 8004 The display of HTML email messages is now handled by Chrome, which is now built into SQLWorks Y
CRM 8004 Default to PLAIN TEXT for viewing all emails Y
PL 8004 Bug fixes in consolidations window
SL 8004 New Payment renamed to New Receipt
STK 8004 Changes to order processing – when loading records it will now warn if on hold orders were found and not displayed


June 2018
Module Version Published Details New?
PL  8003  Added Export of PLINV & accounting email addresses  Y
SL  8003  Added Export of SLINV & accounting email addresses  Y
PRList  8003 Touchpoint filters are now multi-select, allowing any number of data types to be shown or hidden. 
CRM  8003  Added ‘follow up’ task functionality, automatically filling in all appropriate details and storing an internal link. 
CRM  8003  Added support for deadlines, helping prioritise tasks and flagging overdue tasks 
CRM  8003  Added icons for high priority and overdue tasks in the task list. Improved sorting, window design. 
CRM 8003 New task preference to send emails when a task is added or updated for another user.


May 2018
Module Version Published Details New?
Email  8002  Now support HTML signatures on email send 
CRM  8002  New letters option for MS Word style document creation with client list integration 
SYS  8002  SL Account graphs now redraw automatically on change 
SYS  8002  Fixes to toolbar window layout 


April 2018
Module Version Published Details New?
SYS 8002 Able to set each user to run the backup process on Quit. Y
SYS 8002 Prompt for backup when users logoff if backup is overdue Y
SYS 8002 First time installations of SQLWorks v8 will prompt for startupsettings.txt details at $SignIn window. Y
VAT 8002 Fixed loading of PTY & NLT when loading transactions
CSH 8002 Added selected line sub total in Transaction Tab, as per GL screen
BNK 8002 Added selected line sub total in Transaction Tab, as per GL screen
BNK 8002 Added search bar to Bank transactions tab Y
NL 8002 Added a filter to Search Bar.  Select by Nominal anlaysis type for P&L, BS, etc.
NL 8002 Dashboard quicker to startup.  Added refresh button for Current Data Tab.
NL 8002 Nominal screen users can enable tabs and the connected group box of data
NL 8002 Nominal account screen now has a graph to show Actual vs budget
SL 8002 Monthly Sales Analysis report is renamed to Sales Period Analysis, minor tweaks for useabilty


March 2018
Module Version Published Details New?
PL  8002  Added ability to amend delivery due date on a PO line item 
PL/SL  8002  Repricing transaction lines will no longer clear prices for non-stock items 
PL/SL  8002  Preview transaction on screen no longer permits printing or export 
BNK  8002  Added comparison tool in Bank to compare bank entries with nominal audit by month 
SL  8002  Improvements to disbursement system when being saved as halted invoices 
NOM  8002  Year locking, auditing and appropriation are recorded in audit log 
STK  8002  Added audit log tracking when doing stock imports  
SL  8002  Changes to transaction import that now allow column matching by number, by generic column names or by actual SQLWorks column names 
SL  8002  Automatic credit control changes will also set orders on/off hold (if on hold status was not manually locked) 
STK  8001  All Stock header tabs have been redesigned with emphasis on grouping of financial &  order processing info 
SL  8001  Removed Contract Status message that appears for every new contract 
BANK  8001  Bug fix in petty transfer 


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