SQLWorks Change Log

Recent Updates and Bug Fixes

This page details SQLWorks software version updates, faults identified and bugs fixed.
Last Updated: 05.04.2022


March 2022
Version Category Sub Area External Notes
10.042.006 Accounts Misc Fixed a bug where sales account fields would start off in view mode when making a new account.
10.042.006 Accounts Order/receiving Fixed a bug where when receiving orders a series of errors would display and there would be no detail lines if the complex header was not used.
10.042.006 Finance Ledger Fixed a bug where totals would not appear in balance/accumulative boxes
10.042.006 Finance Ledger Fixed a bug where EC VAT buttons would not return a list.
10.042.006 Finance Ledger Fixed bug where vat fields would be hidden for clients with an EORI number.
10.042.006 Accounts Invoices/Credit Notes Changing Invoice date will now recalculate the exchange rate.
10.042.006 Accounts Invoices/Credit Notes Changing Invoice date will now recalculate the exchange rate.
10.042.006 Accounts Misc Fixed a bug where purchase account fields would start off in view mode when making a new account.
10.042.006 CRM Companies Fixed VAT country lookup within the company window
10.042.006 Accounts Order/receiving Fixed issue in the purchase order receiving window where some labels would not disappear when not invoicing at the same time.
10.042.006 Accounts Invoices/Credit Notes Corrected an error message for when an order cannot be progressed to invoice
10.042.006 Accounts Ledger VAT country now correctly appears on the Bank and VAT tab
10.042.006 Accounts Invoices/Credit Notes VAT country is now correctly pulled across from the company
10.042.008 Accounts Batch Payments Removed wrong message when cancelling printing of remittance advices.
10.042.008 Finance Ledger Fixed an issue where EC vat column would not be calculated.
10.042.008 Finance Ledger Bug fix to correct selection of BACS file type
10.042.008 CRM Tasks Task can be quickly assigned to specific users from a group called TASK.  Each person will appear in the RM click menu to assist.
10.043.001 CRM Tasks Last 7 days filter will not correctly display tasks started in the past 7 days
10.043.001 CRM Tasks Making a new task will now default the task type to be general
10.043.001 CRM Tasks Category column in task list has now been moved to make it easier to find
10.043.001 Stock Pricing Fixes to the recalculation of average cost when called after processing a Works Order via quick build
10.043.001 Stock Transactions & History Moved Save & Cancel buttons to the right of Toolbar, as per standard layout requirements 
10.043.001 Accounts Ledger Allowed users to modify Add to VAT check box on new entries
10.043.001 CRM Emails Fixed bug where some emails were not being sent with their attachments
10.043.001 Accounts Invoices/Credit Notes Invoices created from orders are set as proforma if they are on a proforma account
10.043.001 CRM Companies Adjusted the error message to be clearer when trying to add a new company without an address to the sales or purchase ledgers
10.043.001 Accounts Ledger Print Remittance option in Bank and VAT tab renamed to “Prompt Remittance”
10.043.001 Accounts Ledger Factor email in Bank and VAT tab renamed to “Remittance email”
10.043.001 Accounts Invoices/Credit Notes Added a prompt on the save of an invoice that will alert the user if the VAT country is different between the invoice and the company. 
10.043.001 Accounts Accounts Prefs Minor redesign of PL tab in accounts prefs
10.043.001 Accounts Order/receiving Added a right click option to delivery window to set all qty to max (unreceived) value
10.043.001 Accounts Order/receiving Added a new preference that will default the qty to zero instead of the unreceived qty when receiving PO’s
10.043.001 Accounts Batch Payments Added an option to print a Triodos EDI report for Triodos bank accounts in the batch payments screen
10.045.001 CRM Companies Fixed issues where the filter list on the companies touchpoints tab could not be set unless the company was being edited
10.045.001 CRM Phone Logs When no company is selected, all projects are now loaded. When one is selected, the company will be automatically set to the one for the project.
10.045.001 Accounts Payments/Allocs Remittances sent from BACS payment window will now use the same email text etc as when sending a remittance from the transactions tab.
10.045.001 System Query Builder Query’s with a large number of columns selected were cut short due to character limits.
10.045.001 Accounts Order/receiving QA Tests can now be set up at the point of receiving purchase orders
10.045.001 Accounts Order/receiving System pref to determine if QA tests are to be enforced during PO receive, can also be set to prompt or be optional
10.046.001 System Misc Text changed on Prompt message when overwriting another users changes to make it clearer.
10.046.001 System Misc Fixed an issue where the final label on line graphs would sometimes overlap the previous label.
10.046.001 Accounts Order/receiving New QA test can be added and printed for PL deliveries via right click in the inv/del tab of the PL order tab
10.046.001 Accounts Order/receiving Checks added to ensure only one QA test can exist for a batch
10.046.001 Accounts Invoices/Credit Notes Added a check to ensure that the VAT country is not blank when saving an invoice
10.046.001 Accounts Invoices/Credit Notes When saving an invoice we will not warn about VAT country differences to the company default if the company default is blank
10.046.001 Accounts Invoices/Credit Notes Removed double prompt when a save fails due to VAT country entry
10.047.001 Manufacturing Works Order Window Bug fixes for when building a WO without a process route
10.047.001 Manufacturing QA Testing Bug fixes when using ranges in a QA test
10.047.001 Manufacturing QA Testing An observation type will no longer allow a restricted value
10.047.001 Accounts Order/receiving Bug fix when attempting to add QA tests to the same line multiple times
10.047.001 CRM Touchpoints Fixed a potential bug in the CRM tab if emails were not used
10.047.001 Finance Ledger Corrected prompt when getting linked transactions to items in the statement tab
10.047.001 Finance Ledger Legend added to cash flow graph.
10.047.001 System Query Builder Fixed a bug where removing the first condition would result in errors.
10.047.001 System Printing/Exporting Database tables viewer will no longer remember previous column selection
10.047.001 System Printing/Exporting Database tables viewer will show a max of 240 columns
10.047.001 Accounts Order/receiving Changes made so when copying an order detail line, nominal code, analysis etc will keep values from copied line.
10.047.001 Accounts Ledger Fixed bug in the aged debt tab where month fields were not calculating
10.047.001 CRM Emails Role based email accounts are now saved, so these accounts can be viewed in the CRM/Email tab.  
10.047.001 System Misc Can now set legend labels for multi line graphs
10.047.001 CRM Emails IMAP InBox attachments within each email can now be viewed directly, without having to save into SQLWorks fiirst.
10.048.001 CRM Tasks Fixed issue where the calendar button was not setting the task commence date
10.048.001 Stock Warehouses & bins Added yes/no prompt before resetting accounting info in warehouse map
10.048.001 Stock Warehouses & bins Added option to create a stock movement from the warehouse map when right clicking on the bin qty list
10.048.001 Stock Warehouses & bins Removed get info option from the bin qty list
10.048.001 Stock Warehouses & bins Fixed context menu items for warehouses in warehouse map
10.048.001 Stock Warehouses & bins Added context menu items for bins in warehouse map
10.048.001 System Misc Users can send Support system info from the Main SQLWorks menu to assist in trouble shooting.  A message can also be added, no pictures, just text currently.
10.048.001 CRM Emails Email Roles now have specific Email addresses and should also have an InBox.  It should not be an Alias account type These InBoxes will appear in the Email Tab, and if you are a member of EMAIL_ROLES security group.
10.048.001 System Misc Introduced spell checking capability via a spell menu
10.048.001 Accounts Order An new option has been added to allow you to only show the non-cancelled lines when printing a sales order
10.048.001 Accounts Order You can return consignment stock using a right click ‘process return’ option in the sales order tab. This will prepare the stock movements window and cancel the outstanding order when saved
10.048.001 Accounts Order You can return stock using a right click ‘process return’ option in the sales order tab. This will prepare the stock movements window ready for saving but leave financials untouched
10.048.001 CRM Tasks Made a number of changes to the tasks statistics report to improve clarity and accuracy
10.048.001 Accounts Payments/Allocs Preset batch payment window will not snap to bottom after selecting an invoice
10.048.001 Accounts Payments/Allocs Preset batch payment window will set load from date to be the oldest payment date during initial load
10.048.001 Accounts Contracts Corrections to the line guide position when used in the contracts list view
10.048.001 Accounts Quote Quote department selection is remembered and displays properly when viewed
10.048.001 Accounts Invoices/Credit Notes Vat country override will be applied when sending orders to invoice
10.048.001 CRM Diary Correct date format bug when using navigation buttons in diary calendar
10.048.001 CRM Emails Fixed bug where attachments on emails cannot be viewed if the email has already been saved in the system
10.048.001 CRM Emails Fixed bug where small attachments were being ignored when bringing the email into SQLWorks from an external inbox
10.048.001 Accounts Quote Fixed issue where right click options for changing option group or authorising user would not work
10.048.001 Stock Transactions & History New orders and transactions can be created from the stock ledger, company account will be requested in a prompt
10.048.001 Stock Transactions & History Transactions can now be created from the transactions tab via a right click option
10.048.001 Accounts Misc When accounts are being opened you will be prompted if the account is inactive and the process will cancel
10.048.001 Accounts Order/receiving Fixed issue where goods received note would print in landscape.
10.048.001 System Preferences Added Security Grp choice per Role based email account
February 2022
Version Category Sub Area External Notes
10.038.001 Stock Price and discount Faster searching for customer parts in price and discount system
10.038.001 Accounts Ledger Account balance history graph has been updated with new visuals in aged debt tab
10.038.001 Accounts Ledger Account balance history graph has been updated with new visuals in aged debt tab
10.038.001 Stock Transactions & History Corrections to movements graph so that it will always include stock movements made today
10.038.001 System Base Classes Line graphs will now show the final (closing) data label, (typically todays date)
10.038.001 Finance Dashboard/Day Book can now load transactions by Audit number.
10.038.001 Accounts Payments/Allocs BACs report shows creditor bank account & sort code
10.038.001 Accounts Payments/Allocs BACS report saved as a PDF into SQLWorks Docs folder when you save.
10.039.003 System Printing/Exporting V2 Fixed but where clipboard option was being treated as preview when printing reports
10.039.003 Stock Price and discount Fixed issue where the price and discount tab in the stock ledger was not correctly showing sales accounts in the lookup
10.039.003 Accounts Order New authorisation mode can restrict stage selection
10.039.003 Stock Price and discount Price and discount tabs in the sales ledger and stock ledger will now only load active rules.
10.039.003 System Misc Added searching of Numbers in Global Search function
10.039.003 System Misc In the Global Search window, the ALL value is treated on its own.  You either choose certain ledgers to search, or ALL SQLWorks ledgers
10.039.003 Accounts Reports Fixed a bug where Aged debt report would produce an error when only showing selected accounts
10.039.003 Accounts Order Minor fixes to order import process to support 64 bit counters
10.039.003 Accounts Credit Control On dashboard, when credit limit is set to 0. The message now says Always on hold or no credit limit depending on whether we use automatic credit control
10.039.003 Accounts Credit Control On dashboard, when credit limit is set to -1. The message now says never on hold rather than always on hold
10.040.001 Stock Order Allocation Bug fixes in order allocation / print pick process
10.040.001 Accounts Order Warehouse stock list now loads correctly on complex order line layout
10.040.001 Finance Ledger Box5 value is now shown correctly in the list of periods after being calculated.
10.040.001 System Printing/Exporting Fixed bug where errors would prompt when exporting certain information to a file
10.040.001 Accounts Quote Fixed an issue where product name field would not prompt a lookup.
10.040.001 Accounts Ledger Enabled changing of the ‘Add to VAT’ check box when you amend a cashbook transaction.
10.040.001 Accounts Invoices/Credit Notes VAT country will be automatically set when changing the delivery country or final destination country
10.040.001 Accounts Invoices/Credit Notes Bug fix where VAT country was reset after being changed manually
10.040.004 CRM Projects Fixed a bug where tabs would sometimes not show up in projects.
10.040.004 Finance Misc When loading records per period, the Audit number is now shown in Col 2.
10.040.004 Finance Ledger When loading records in a period where the prev period is still running, the date range is strictly enforced, and no old transactions will be loaded.
10.040.004 Finance Ledger To remove transactions linked to a specific VAT period, load the transactions as usual.  Select the correct records.  RM Click to unlink them.  They will now appear on the next open VAT period.  Use with caution, available only to Sys Admins.
10.040.004 Finance Audit Nominal Transaction Export will use default export format and will allow folder selection choice
10.040.004 Finance Reports On TB, P&L and B/S report parameters prompt “Column Mode : Narrow / Wide” now reads as “Report Layout : Year View (Narrow) / Month View (Wide)”
10.040.004 CRM Emails Fixed an issue where batches of emails would only send from the default server.
10.040.004 Accounts Credit Control Fixed an issue where credit limit warnings would appear when credit limit is less than 0. This should mean the account is never on hold.
10.041.001 Stock Ledger Fixed an error that occurred when trying to save an empty history list.
10.041.001 Accounts Invoices/Credit Notes Adjusted display of order import window to support up to 5 distinct direct import configurations 
10.041.001 Accounts Quote SL Authorisation no longer needs to apply to both quotes and orders and can be enabled independantly for each ledger
10.042.001 Accounts Invoices/Credit Notes Bug fix to correctly display “amend VAT” menu option
10.042.001 Accounts Misc Fixed issue where right click options would not appear for several fields.
10.042.001 Finance Misc Fixed an issue where Bank Income records would not save when a sales account is selected.
10.042.001 Accounts Invoices/Credit Notes Changes made to invoice amount total calculation to avoid rounding errors.
10.042.001 Accounts Invoices/Credit Notes Changes made to invoice amount total calculation to avoid rounding errors.
10.042.001 Accounts Misc Lengthened the label in the Global Search function to show both options.  Added tooltips to all objects.
10.042.001 Accounts Ledger Contra Payments can now be properly reconciled in the sales ledger
10.042.001 Accounts Ledger You are no longer able to amend dates or amounts for contra payment types
10.042.001 Stock Ledger When duplicating an existing stock code, the barcode data is cleared.
10.042.001 Accounts Order/receiving Complex PO Order line layout now clearly shows a lookup to SL order and company
10.042.001 CRM Companies Fixed a bug where modifying the vat exempt option would not allow the user to save.
10.042.001 Accounts Order/receiving Error messages when opening PO receive window resolved
10.042.001 Accounts Quote When Sending quote to order while an account is on hold, the user whould get 2 messages asking if they would like to override the on hold status. Now only one message appears.
10.042.001 Stock Price and discount Fixed a bug in price rule import where even if the user clicked no to deleting existing rules it would anyway.
10.042.001 CRM Emails Unsent email list will display with better formatting
10.042.001 CRM Emails Users will be alerted to unsent email when signing in
10.042.001 CRM Tasks Fixed a bug where closing tasks would not correctly set the closed and resolved dates.
January 2022
Version Category Sub Area External Notes
10.032.001 Stock Stock movements & Qty Movements added at the same time will now be additionally sorted by reference number if they were added at the same time
10.034.002 Accounts Order Changes to the standard order import window, new defaults and stronger error checking
10.034.002 Accounts Invoices/Credit Notes Fixed issue where turnover tab in debt history was displaying values in the wrong month if the year did not start in January
10.034.002 Accounts Invoices/Credit Notes Aged Debt in Debt History can now be toggled between outstanding and all invoices
10.034.002 Accounts Invoices/Credit Notes Aged Credit in Debt History can now be toggled between outstanding and all invoices
10.034.002 Finance Ledger Fixed an issue when you had COMPARE tab open and you selected the oldest year in the drop down menu.
10.034.002 Finance Ledger Added notes fields for analysis and department
10.034.002 Accounts Accounts Prefs 4dp now allowed for percentage fee on payment types.
10.034.002 Accounts Receipts/Allocs Restricted changing Fx code, now glued to Fx of bank code for when entering receipts.
10.034.002 Accounts Misc Corrected an issue that prevented pick sheets from being reprinted
10.034.002 Manufacturing Works Order Processing Corrected an error when automatically  allocating stock after a WO build
10.034.002 Accounts Quote When selecting a product with a default PL supplier, that supplier is set on the quote line
10.034.002 CRM Leads Now able to print a quote from the leads quote list via right click menu
10.034.002 Finance Audit In the Audit by Year screen, there is a new toolbar option to fully test the stability of the Audit Table.  All errors are reported into an Excel file.  This is located inside the SQLWorks Docs folder on your desktop.  Send the file to SQLWorks support for analysis.
10.034.002 Finance Audit In the Audit by Year screen, you can RM click and set the Audit Checksum for older closed years.
10.034.002 Accounts Ledger Change to Quick filter option labels in the search bar. Loading accounts which are 30,60,90 days overdue now reads ’30+ days’
10.034.002 Stock Transactions & History New option in stock history list to show value instead of qty.
10.034.002 Stock Misc Corrections in transfer from bulk to pick bin utility
10.034.002 Finance Audit New utility to set trial balance data to a match data in a file for an entire financial user by creating journals at year end
10.034.002 Accounts Order/receiving Forward order request report will now work where the order has only one line
10.034.002 System Query Builder Fixed a bug where Linked tables would by default only load active records even though the option was unchecked.
10.034.002 System Global Search Global search no longer includes results from log tables
10.034.002 system Misc graphs now remember if you choose 2d or 3d mode.
10.034.002 CRM Emails If during emailing invoices or statements, and you modify the PDF document, the revised version is now emailed and stored in the CRM document system.
10.034.002 System Users/Userprefs Fixed a bug where users would have to log out and in after changing email settings.
10.034.002 Manufacturing Misc Bug fixes in WO print process
10.034.002 Accounts Order New checks prevent the user from changing the product code on an order when a works order has already been set.
10.034.002 Finance Misc New utility that allows you to compare 2 trial balance files and highlight missing combinations and value differences
10.034.002 Accounts Misc Added the ability to search for invoices, orders and works orders in the sales ledger based on a stock lot number used on their detail lines
10.034.002 Stock Price and discount Fixed a bug in the price & discount tab in the stock ledger where after trying to save and finding a clash, it would allow saving again and seem to work without actually saving.
10.034.002 Accounts Ledger Fixed a bug where graphs in the my activity tab would change colour
10.034.002 Accounts Ledger Fixed a bug where graphs in the my activity tab would change colour
10.037.002 Finance Ledger Multi code select now works in Analysis & Dept ledger windows to give a combined Audit value
10.037.002 Accounts Accounts Prefs Corrected the default stage limit for SL authorisation
10.037.002 Stock Ledger Removed warning messages in the stock quick filter menu options
10.037.002 Accounts Order/receiving Selected PO or GRN detail lines can print POS labels for those lines.  You will need to specify the POS label printer device in your User Prefs first.  ALT key will use POS label format 2.  SHIFT key will force preview to the screen.
10.037.002 Stock Ledger When adding a new Stock item, the EAN-13 barcode image will be automatically saved now.
10.037.002 CRM Diary Diary Layout is now correctly set by user preferences
10.037.002 Accounts Ledger New activity tab now only shows items that are part of the graph, added a slider to determine the no of records load and a toggle to switch between just my items and all items.
10.037.002 Accounts Ledger New activity tab now only shows items that are part of the graph, added a slider to determine the no of records load and a toggle to switch between just my items and all items.
10.038.001 System Gui4 Opening all tabs in each ledger has been speeded up considerably.
10.038.001 Accounts Invoices/Credit Notes Fixed a bug where users were warned about an account being put on hold when they were not
10.038.001 Stock Ledger Corrected an issue where size, colour and material would not save correctly when selected in the info tab
10.038.001 Accounts Ledger “Reports” tab renamed to “Templates” to avoid confusion with reports menu button
10.038.001 Finance Ledger Added new filters to load Nominal transaction when a company uses a single Nominal code for VAT/GST purposes.
10.038.001 CRM Emails Changed email tabs in projects etc to allow new emails even when in edit mode, as long as no unsaved changes have been made to the parent project.
10.038.001 Accounts Order Bug fixes to EDI import process as well as  better error reporting 
10.038.001 Accounts Misc All printed notes fields expanded to support 5x as many characters
10.038.001 Finance Ledger Nominal compare tab will only load data when that tab is visible
10.038.001 Finance Ledger If VAT/GST Nominal code selected, Analysis & Dept codes are ignored when loading records.  The data returned will always show ‘All’ for both columns regardless.
10.038.001 Stock Price and discount Fixed issue where trying to make a new stock item with the pricing and discounting tab open would ask to save changes, even when none were made.
10.038.001 Stock Ledger History tab qty/value selection is now enabled
10.038.001 Stock Ledger History tab qty/value selection will remember user choice
10.038.001 Accounts Ledger History tab qty/value selection will remember user choice
10.038.001 Accounts Ledger History tab qty/value selection will remember user choice
10.038.001 Manufacturing Misc Works order print out now includes process route list.
10.038.001 System Misc Refs now allow 64 bit integer values
10.038.001 Accounts Credit Control Fixed a bug where accounts would be placed on credit hold when below the limit.
10.038.001 Accounts Invoices/Credit Notes New type of due date added. Month End + No of Days. 
December 2021
Version Category Sub Area External Notes
10.032.001 Accounts Quote Quotes tab now displays profit column correctly 
10.032.001 Accounts Quote Fixed a bug where halted quotes could not be opened.
10.032.001 Accounts Quote Fixed a bug where quote header info was missing from print outs.
10.032.001 Accounts Quote Fixed a bug where no recipient email addresses appear when emailing a quote.
10.032.001 Accounts Ledger Improved speed when entering debt history tab from large accounts
10.032.001 Accounts Order New option, when printing a proforma invoice from an order, to only print allocated lines.
10.032.001 Accounts Quote Fixed bug where stock lookup in quote window would produce errors when using simple quote window.
10.032.001 Accounts Order Fixed bug where stock lookup in order window would produce errors when using simple order window.
10.032.001 CRM Misc Fixed a bug which would result in an error if the CRM tab was reloaded when no stock item was loaded
10.032.001 CRM Misc Fixed a bug which would result in an error if the BOM tab was reloaded when creating a new record
10.032.001 Stock Price and discount Fixed a bug where price rules could not be imported without removing columns.
10.032.001 CRM Companies Consolidated common company information, eg, VAT Nº & Company Reg Nº into the Company table from individual Debtors & Creditors ledgers.
10.032.001 Finance MTD Added support for DRC (Domestic Reverse Charge) into MTD (Making Tax Digital)
10.032.001 Accounts Accounts Prefs Added CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) code for DRC (Domestic Reverse Charge) support
10.032.001 Stock Misc Added GTIN prefix code in Sys Prefs to support company manufacturer’s new GTIN codes (Global Trade Item Number = Barcode)
10.032.001 Accounts Order Order import screen now uses preferences to determine the available direct connections
10.032.001 Accounts Order Order/transaction import screen redesigned to only show relevant radio button options
10.032.001 CRM Companies Added button to edit the main address of a company to the header tab.
10.032.001 CRM Tasks Fixed a bug where if the user was making a task for themselves but was sending it to a contact, the email would fail
10.032.001 CRM Phone Logs Turned off the default of connecting to existing tasks or leads when clicking their respective tabs, as there were issues with this preventing saving.
10.032.001 Finance Dashboard/Day Book Dashboard optimised for large databases.
10.032.001 Stock Ledger Fixed issue in the advanced tab where a drop down was able to be changed before editing the stock item
10.032.001 System Base Classes Added 3D effect for Graph screens for 2022.
10.032.001 Accounts Ledger New SL accounts default to sending invoices & statements via Email as a PDF
10.032.001 Accounts Quote Expired quotes are now closed by the system 
November 2021
Version Category Sub Area External Notes
10.026.001 System Misc Importing with the database tables viewer will now only run checks on updated or new lines, speeding up the process
10.026.001 System Misc A flag for mass import mode has been added to the system, allowing some checks and prompts to be ignored if running a mass import.
10.026.001 Accounts Delivery Notes When adding lines to a dispatch note we no longer show lines that have been fully dispatched but not yet invoiced
10.026.001 Stock Order Allocation Allocate Tab on the Allocated Tab has been renamed to “Progress” to avoid confusion
10.026.001 Manufacturing Works Order Processing WO Groups print consolidated picking sheets
10.026.001 Manufacturing Works Order Processing When reprinting a pick sheet for a WO it will automatically print the sheet for the entire WO group (if it belonged to one)
10.026.001 Manufacturing Works Order Processing Quick build now has option to build the product as a replacement item (which will not auto-allocate)
10.027.001 CRM Actions Fixed a bug where if a follow up task was created from an action, then cancelled to make edits to the action first, the action could not save.
10.027.001 Stock Dispatch Planner All lines tab now filters based on the status of the detail line not the header line.
10.027.001 Accounts Reports Fixed a bug where totals would not appear on orders list sl when showing details and sorting by due date.
10.027.001 Stock Reports Added new sorting options on production schedule report.
10.027.001 Manufacturing Works Order Window Fixed a bug where adding a document to an existing works order was not possible.
10.027.001 Manufacturing QA Testing Fixed bug that prevented a new set of test from being saved properly
10.027.001 Accounts Quote Fixed a bug where adding a document to an existing quote was not possible.
10.027.001 Accounts Order Fixed a bug where adding a document to an existing Order was not possible.
10.027.001 Accounts Invoices/Credit Notes Fixed a bug where adding a document to an existing invoice was not possible.
10.027.001 Accounts Order/receiving Fixed a bug where adding a document to an existing purchase order was not possible.
10.027.001 CRM Projects Fixed a bug that could make project substage unable to be changed manually.
10.027.001 Stock Dispatch Planner For Filter options the user must now shift to single select rather than shift to multi select. 
10.027.001 Stock Dispatch Planner New Filter Check box for ‘ALL’
10.027.001 Stock Stock Take When printing stock take sheets, the user can now filter using multiple stock groups.
10.027.001 Accounts Credit Control Added fields to use ‘days_grace’ and ‘credit_grace_until_date’ to give greater flexibility on trading for this debtor
10.027.001 Accounts Order Choosing a delivery address on an order will no longer allow inactive addresses to be selected
10.027.001 Accounts Order/receiving PO lines that are not connected to stock will not be included in the delivery stock value calculations
10.027.001 Manufacturing Misc Fixes to “process as replacement” option for quick build automatic stock allocation
10.027.001 Accounts Accounts Prefs New preference can now force transaction lines with a value to have a product code, can be set for SL/PL and can be a restriction or a warning
10.027.001 Manufacturing Works Order Window Fixed bug where adding a new works order schedule would result in a crash.
10.027.001 Manufacturing Works Order Window Allowed the creation of new works order schedules when the works order is connected to an order.
10.027.001 Manufacturing Works Order Window After changing works order schedule qty, if there is a qty remaining to be built for that schedule, the schedule will be set to outstanding.
10.027.001 Accounts Order Adjusted totals in order details list in the sales ledger orders tab to be below the correct columns.
10.027.001 CRM Leads The date a lead enters each stage is now recorded.
10.027.001 CRM Emails More information is now given on the keep trying message when an email fails to send e.g. did the authentication fail? If so you may need to update your password.
10.027.001 System Query Builder Columns selected when show all columns is checked will remain visible when show all columns is unchecked.
10.027.001 System Query Builder Fixed graphical bug where column names would disappear on the conditions tab for windows users.
10.027.001 Stock Ledger Added 3 new stock utilities. 1 Create & save barcode images for a selected list of items.  Check for orphaned barcode images.  Clear ALL barcode images from BLOB table.
10.027.001 Stock Ledger Added export of all barcode images into ODT file for moving into another SQLWorks database.  No option yet added for saving as PNG files, but that is to come.
10.027.001 Stock Ledger New function to import barcodes from an ODT file.  It will remove duplicates from the import first.  It will not currently update existing barcode images. 
10.027.001 Stock Price and discount Adjusted pricing system to apply the default price only when either initially selecting to stock item or when all price rules are removed
10.027.001 Accounts Order Adjusted changing the delivery address so that it doesn’t reset the prices on lines without an applicable pricing rule
10.027.001 CRM Emails In the email imap tab, if you have a folder in your email account called SQLWorks, your SQLWorks mailbox will load first.
10.027.001 Accounts Ledger Works order tab in sales ledger now includes customer order number.
10.027.001 Accounts Ledger The user is now able to add new works orders from the works order tab in the sales ledger.
10.027.001 System Misc Fixed a bug where records would not save if the user had pasted data from their clipboard.
10.027.001 System Misc It is now possible to import excel documents from the database tables viewer.
10.027.001 CRM Emails Fixed issue where replying to or forwarding an email within SQLWorks would cause the contacts list to not be populated
10.027.001 Accounts Quote Quote authorisation model no longer allows changes away from a stage that requires authorisation
10.027.001 CRM Projects Fixed issue where the project substage could not be manually set in some places
10.027.001 Accounts Ledger Using the quick load buttons in the quote/order/transaction tabs will now clear the search field so that it loads correctly
10.027.001 Accounts Ledger Using the quick load buttons in the order/transaction tabs will now clear the search field so that it loads correctly
10.027.001 Stock Ledger The UN list of Dangerous Goods codes have been added to SQLWorks.  Each stock item can have a list of associated DG codes added, eg IsoPro camping gas canisters have both Propane & Butane.
10.027.001 Accounts Deliveries/Consolidations A list of UN Dangerous Goods codes purchased from each supplier is automatically generated from the Stock ledger.  This helps to decide how to split POs into separate order numbers, when there are restricted shipping conditions, eg, Lithium batteries.
10.027.001 System Groups/Security individual tabs can now be hidden by security from individual users.  Users can also hide/show the table they are allowed to use and view.
10.027.001 Finance Ledger Fixed issue where loading transactions in the nominal ledger without a line selected in the analysis/department dropdown would prompt an error
10.027.001 Finance Ledger When loading transactions with multiple lines selected in the actual tab, it will now correctly prompt an error when an analysis or department code is not found.
10.027.001 Finance Ledger Fixed a bug where choosing a different year would not refresh the analysis/department drop downs to show the different combinations the selected year may have.
10.027.001 Accounts Ledger Stopped users amending nominal code to a reserved bank control code
10.027.001 Accounts Ledger Stopped users amending nominal code to a reserved bank control code
10.027.001 Finance Ledger Bank Nominal balance only uses Nominal code to get balance, and not the full 3D set of codes.
10.027.001 Finance Ledger Fixed issue with loading nominal transaction for codes associated with bank accounts where it would not show their analysis/department codes
10.027.001 Accounts Order SL authorisation has the option to restrict stage changes
10.027.001 Accounts Quote Added quote auth stages to the quote tab in SL accounts
10.027.001 Stock Dashboard and Summary Added In Transit deliveries to Stock Dashboard tab
10.027.001 CRM Touchpoints Fixed issue with touchpoints/CRM tab not allowing the user to make anything from it when the parent window has been opened in a separate window.
10.027.001 Accounts Reports Added ‘Skip print flag’ per set of sales transactions.  if correction invoices & credit notes are applied to an account, these can be suppressed from appearing on the statement. 
10.027.001 Accounts Order Authorisation column is now visible on the quotes and orders tab in the sales ledger
10.027.001 CRM Emails Email preview panel will now clear when loading a new account, so that it does not display an email from the previous account
10.032.001 Accounts Invoices/Credit Notes When saving a new sales ledger invoice, a check is now made to ensure the current invoice and current balance do NOT EXCEED the credit limit for the debtor.  There is only override for Admin users.
October 2021
Version Category Sub Area External Notes
10.021.001 Accounts Invoices/Credit Notes Fixed issue with duplicating a line as it was using the wrong checks.
10.021.001 Accounts Invoices/Credit Notes Choosing a stock item will now make sure prices and other line details are set to 0 when an error occurs instead of being empty
10.021.001 System Query Builder Can now double click a table in the tree list to add it to the query.
10.021.001 Manufacturing Misc Added option to set standard picking notes in accounts prefs
10.021.001 Manufacturing Works Order Processing Stock built via Works Orders can be automatically allocated to the customer order they were created from
10.021.001 Accounts Payments/Allocs BACs paid list now shows Inv Our Ref column for easier identification of invoice
10.021.001 Accounts Ledger New works order tab in the sales ledger.
10.021.001 Stock Ledger Changes to CIP flag field to make sure text can span across multiple lines.
10.021.001 Accounts Order Now possible to invoice halted orders if the correct override mode is set or the user is an Admin user.
10.021.001 Accounts Reports Customer order Pick sheets now contain our ref field.
10.021.001 Stock Ordering Tab Fixed bug with getting a barcode image in the ordering tab so that it can once again be used
10.021.001 Accounts Ledger Dashboard now groups invoices by days overdue i.e. 0-30 when preferences are set to group by due date.
10.021.001 Accounts Ledger Dashboard now groups invoices by days overdue i.e. 0-30 when preferences are set to group by due date.
10.021.001 Stock Ledger Barcode generator for EAN13 barcode types has been added
10.021.001 Stock Misc EAN13 barcode checksum validation has been implemented
10.023.001 Stock Ledger CIP Flag has been renamed to Lookup Notes – these notes will display whenever the product is selected in a stock lookup in SL/PL
10.023.001 Stock Ledger Added picking notes field to the stock notes group – this can be used to give info to the picking team
10.023.001 Accounts Misc A new preference has been added allowing setting of default returns terms for client facing stationary
10.023.001 Accounts Misc A new preference has been added allowing setting of default discount terms for client facing stationary
10.023.001 Accounts Misc 2 preferences added to system preferences for file path capture (custom dev required)
10.023.001 Accounts Ledger Fixed bug where having the dashboard or directors tab open in the sales ledger would remove focus from the search field after a search
10.023.001 Finance Misc Amending the company on a payment record will now update the payee in the bank record as long as there are no other payments linked to that bank record.
10.023.002 Accounts Quote Progressing an order to invoice from the order screen will now correctly deregister the order so that the invoice can be made.
10.023.002 Stock Ledger Added barcode format selection (EAN13/UPC)
10.023.002 Stock Assets Added next service date and service frequency to Asset window
10.023.002 Stock Assets Next service date will prompt to automatically update to next date if current date has passed
10.023.002 Accounts Accounts Prefs Added a number of years and this year end option to all recurring date frequency choices
10.023.002 Finance MTD Added restrictions to only allow system users to make MTD requests
10.023.002 Finance MTD VAT list now refreshes correctly after MTD submission
10.023.002 CRM Contacts Contact full name is shown and automatically build from components (i.e. first name + initial + last name)
10.023.002 CRM Contacts When entering a contact full name it is automatically broken down into components (i.e. first name + initial + last name)
10.023.002 Stock Dashboard and Summary Fixed incorrect calculation for un-invoiced order quantity.
10.023.002 Accounts Invoices/Credit Notes Speed improvements for transaction tabs on accounts with a lot of invoices.
10.023.002 Accounts Invoices/Credit Notes New lines can be added to invoices and credit notes if they are unreconciled and not submitted via MTD
10.023.002 CRM Emails Deleting an email from the email tab in companies now correctly removes links to other records
10.023.002 Manufacturing Works Order Processing WO build process will not be allowed if it would result in overallocation to a customer order line
10.023.002 Manufacturing Works Order Processing Fixed issue where setting cancel qty equal to total qty would result in SQLWorks crashing.
10.023.002 Accounts Ledger Performance improvements for My activity tab when switching between high activity accounts.
10.023.002 Stock Reports Low level report now include options to check Low Level 1, Low Level 2, and Reorder Level.
10.026.001 CRM Tasks Adjusted disbursements tab on tasks so that disbursements could not be added if the disbursements system was not turned on
10.026.001 CRM Tasks Adjusted other tasks for the connected company list to not show the task currently being edited
September 2021
Version Category Sub Area External Notes
10.019.001 System Misc Improvements to all search bars to reduce load delays, particularly when deleting characters
10.019.001 Accounts Ledger Added support to show totals of selected transactions to help with reconciling
10.019.001 System Misc Keyboard focus is maintained within the search bar after clicking in the list and cancelling a current edit
10.019.001 System Misc History list preference will not be cleared when using VPN mode, but will not be visible by default
10.019.001 CRM Leads Leads user list will default to all users to match the default search 
10.019.001 Stock Ledger Fixes to “New Copy” process
10.019.001 System Misc History list will check that the record exists in the database before attempting to restore it
10.019.001 Accounts Reports Changes to dispatched orders report. details of invoiced orders now shown for each line. can now choose which date to use for difference column.
10.019.001 Accounts Order Added ability to include a VAT code on import of orders, quotes etc.
10.020.003 CRM Tasks Task ID is now a character type allowing for task prefixes and improved searching
10.020.003 Manufacturing Works Order Window Fixed issue preventing process routes from saving on works orders.
10.020.003 Manufacturing Works Order Window Fixed issue where the user was unable to save process route after adding a step due to a null value in the start time.
10.020.003 Accounts Reports Added contact details and credit limit to aged debtors report.
10.020.003 Accounts Reports Added contact details and credit limit to aged creditors report.
10.020.003 System Users/Userprefs New fields added for holiday allowance and employment start date
10.020.003 Accounts Ledger Added a Year table and Month tabs to filter petty cash results in the Transactions tab.
10.020.003 System Update  If an update is required but the SharePoint is not available the user is not allowed to log in. The user must mount the server and retry.
10.020.003 CRM Mailshots/Letters Default email address on mailshots will now be initially set to the email of the current logged in user
10.020.003 Manufacturing Works Order Processing Process route window will close if the works order window that opened it is closed
10.020.003 Stock Ledger Auto Explode Kit option will now have the option to replace selected item as well as appending
10.020.003 Accounts Order/receiving Purchase orders can now use the auto explode option to add multiple lines of a kit together
10.020.003 Accounts Invoices/Credit Notes Purchase invoices can now use the auto explode option to add multiple lines of a kit together
10.020.003 Manufacturing Works Order Processing Works orders will now record the actual material stock cost used in component items, calculated from costs of actual batches used via lot number selection or FIFO
10.020.003 System Base Classes Each individual transaction record (i.e. order, quote invoice etc) cannot be edited in multiple windows at the same time
10.020.007 Manufacturing Works Order Window Works order element notes field will occupy all of notes tab if there are no analysis fields set up
10.020.007 Stock Ledger Minor display changes to grouping options within batches tab
10.020.007 Manufacturing Works Order Processing Building stock will update the material, overhead and labour costs of the stock item (if entered)
10.020.007 Stock Misc New utility to update all products with material, overhead and labour costs of the most recent batch
10.020.007 Accounts Order New contextual menu option on orders list to email pro forma invoice.
10.020.007 Accounts Order New contextual menu option on orders list to email dispatch note.
10.020.007 Accounts Delivery Notes New contextual menu option in dispatch planner to email dispatch notes.
10.020.007 Manufacturing Misc Production schedule report can now be sorted by due date.
10.020.007 Stock Misc New Notes field will prompt the user with a message after lookup in quote/order/invoice window.
10.020.007 System Query Builder Fixed issue where search criteria would disappear.
10.020.007 System Query Builder Added new search criteria for character columns to find any values in a csv.
10.020.007 Accounts Batch Payments Added extra functions to the PL Pre-set Payment run.  CLEAR existing values to save them. Added running balance of funds to where funds expire. Added sort order for balance of invoices. Fixed setting date. Added setting of date and amount from existing saved values.
10.020.010 Accounts Misc Fixed a bug that was preventing a record from being halted before it was modified
10.020.010 System Base Classes Fixed a memory leak that occurred during the close of a window
10.020.010 System Base Classes Warning messages regarding records that are not being properly deregistered will no longer stop order processing
10.020.010 Manufacturing Documentation Added controls for opening, editing and removing documents
10.020.010 Accounts Ledger Fixed redraw issue when toggling ‘my activity’ on recent activity tab
10.020.010 Accounts Ledger Added “My Activity’ toggle to myActivity tab, defaults to all activity
10.020.010 Finance Ledger Fixed a bug when validating nominal codes where if there was an issue it could sometimes end up in a loop
10.020.010 System Query Builder Added the ability to create calculated columns in the query builder.
10.020.010 System Query Builder By default queries will now start with no conditions.
10.020.010 System Query Builder Fixed issue where conditions like column1 = 0 would not add a condition.
10.020.010 Accounts Delivery Notes Amended the Add Line to Delivery Note screen in the Sales Ledger to reduce the amount of columns displayed and filter out any delivered items.
10.020.010 Stock Ledger Works order tab is now sorted with most recent orders at the top of the list
10.020.010 Manufacturing Works Order Window A reset button has been added to the WO allowing you to reset the start-finish dates for all steps in the process route
10.020.010 CRM Emails Fixed issue where emails mistakenly dragged into SQLWorks were not able to be removed.
10.020.010 CRM Emails Added the ability to unlink an email from a project without removing it from the system
10.020.010 CRM Emails Added the ability for CRM admins to delete otherwise undeletable emails from a project that have been mistakenly added
10.020.010 Manufacturing Works Order Processing When unbuilding a WO, stock will be taken from the batch created by the initial build, if not found a warning message will be displayed and you can optionally continue with a different batch
10.020.010 Manufacturing Works Order Processing Fixes to unbuild process
10.020.010 Finance Ledger Bank transaction record increased in size to record many BACS company names
10.020.010 Finance Ledger Drill down ability added to Bank Transaction list window
10.020.010 System Pref & Function Objects Audit log now includes creation and last modification info of selected record
10.020.010 Accounts Ledger Fixes to new statement function
10.020.010 Finance Ledger Corrections to get info function on the unreconciled items tab
10.020.010 System Base Classes Corrections to duplication process
10.020.010 System Sign In A list of databases for multi company sign on can now be defined per workstation
10.020.010 CRM Addresses Town, County & Country now have Type Ahead lookup values as set below: Code = 1 char, Names = 2 chars.  All can now Insert at the time of type ahead
10.020.010 CRM Companies Fixed a bug where making a new company with a default address would not allow saving, as the address had not been given a default type
10.020.010 Accounts Order Selecting multiple order headers now loads all selected order details in the details list.
10.020.010 Finance Misc Fixed loophole where editing a bank record would alter the amount on an allocated payment/receipt.
10.020.010 Stock Dashboard and Summary Fixed a problem with pending stock analysis where invoiced delivery notes would show as pending.
10.020.010 Accounts Ledger For the Stock History tab in sales ledger, the user can now toggle between Value per month and quantity per month.
10.020.010 Accounts Ledger For the Stock History tab in sales ledger, the user can now “Drill Down” on each line to see records which comprise the totals by right clicking.
10.020.010 Accounts Ledger For the Stock History tab in purchase ledger, the user can now toggle between value per month and quantity per month.
10.020.010 Accounts Ledger For the Stock History tab in purchase ledger, the user can now “Drill Down” on each line to see records which comprise the totals by right clicking.
10.020.010 Accounts Invoices/Credit Notes Fixed issue with duplicating a line as it was using the wrong checks.
August 2021
Version Category Sub Area External Notes
10.018.001 Accounts Ledger Added option to alert a client when they are put on credit hold, including a date of that action
10.018.001 System Gui4 Fixed a problem where notes fields would not display in the correct location
10.018.001 Finance Ledger Changes made to new vat period code creation to allow for new vat duration options.
10.018.001 CRM Actions Set up a number of automatic actions for creating invoices/orders/quotes and changing order/quote status
10.018.001 Accounts Order Added file type restriction to terms and conditions file when automatically adding to the sales order email (now pdf/jpg/png only)
10.018.001 Stock Ledger Stock items can now set the authorisation status of a sales order – i.e. sales of certain items may require managerial approval 
10.018.001 Accounts Order Customer authorisation status will be updated when selecting a product, duplicating an order or converting a quote (order will be set to highest product status)
10.018.001 Accounts Order Can no longer print or invoice an unauthorised order
10.018.001 Stock Ledger SOP and POP stock qty values will no longer include orders that have not been authorised in either ledger
10.018.001 CRM Leads Leads can specify the setup costs, setup profit of a new lead, along side the value & profit of a lead 
10.018.001 CRM Leads The term length in months can now be specified per lead. 
10.018.001 Stock Stock Take Fixed bug which prevented the creation of new stock takes. 
10.018.001 System Navbar & Menus Changes made to search bar. There is now a delay while typing before the list is searched in an effort to reduce lag.
10.018.001 System Misc Importing from the data viewer no longer requires the pkey column as long as the unique code column is present.
10.018.001 CRM Mailshots/Letters Fixed bug which prevented https:// links from opening when emailed.
10.018.001 CRM Mailshots/Letters Ensured images which are dragged from computer into letter writer are inserted in the correct location.
10.018.001 CRM Mailshots/Letters When creating a new mailshot we now set the margins to 0.5 rather than 3 by default.
10.018.001 System Query Builder Fixed issue where scroll bar on columns list would change position when a column was selected.
10.018.001 Accounts Ledger Fixed a bug where changing bank code on purchase account would clear nomcode, deptcode etc.
10.018.001 Accounts Order New Pro Forma invoice layout printable from orders window.
10.018.001 System Gui4 Windows cannot be restored to less than 100 height and 200 width
10.018.001 CRM Diary Fixed bug where diary appointments could clash with themselves when editing the text without changing the date
10.018.001 Accounts Order/receiving Each supplier can have a default consolidation freight method set
10.018.001 Accounts Deliveries/Consolidations Deliveries and Consolidations tab has been split into two separate tabs
10.018.001 Accounts Misc Addition of modified state calculations throughout the sales ledger
10.018.001 Accounts Misc Addition of modified state calculations throughout the purchase ledger
10.018.005 Stock Ledger Adjusted the movements tab layout for windows so that everything fits
10.018.005 Accounts Contracts Lineal users can add a quote from a list of contracts, so you don’t have to open the contract first.
10.018.005 Accounts Contracts Lineal contracts populate the Quote section correctly
10.018.005 Accounts Invoices/Credit Notes Lineal invoice system updates Inv Totals correctly when amending line Qty
10.018.005 CRM Leads Fixed bug where the source dropdown would include source notes ion the options
10.018.005 CRM Leads Fixed prompt on adding a lead source that was not in the lead source table so that it would display properly
10.018.005 Accounts Accounts Prefs Added a field to save the Australian Tax Office (ATO) BAS instalment rate for the current financial year.
10.018.005 Finance Ledger Australian Tax Office (ATO) Business Activity Statement (BAS) now supported
10.018.005 Accounts Misc Fixed problem which resulted in payment types displaying as 1-6
10.018.005 CRM Emails Improved speed and reliability for IMAP email reading.
10.018.005 Accounts Invoices/Credit Notes New setting allows stock costs to automatically update based on the most recent purchase invoice
10.018.005 Stock Misc New utility allows the user to automatically recalculate all stock lines based on most recent purchase order or most recent purchase invoice.
10.018.005 Stock Reports Stock movements report optimised when using a subset of stock items.
10.018.005 Finance Ledger Added no of items count to unreconciled bank transaction tab
10.018.005 Manufacturing Process Routes Fixes to calculations of predicted times
10.018.005 Manufacturing Process Routes Actual lag time now calculated from step delay
10.018.005 Finance Ledger Removed references to TAX for UK, replaced with VAT
10.018.005 Accounts Order/receiving If specified on the product a PO line cannot be received without specifying a Lot Number 
10.018.005 System Misc Clicking on the first line of a filter list (next to search bar) will no longer cause an error
10.019.001 Accounts Order/receiving Batch certificates and other documentation can be dragged in and set against a PO delivery line when receiving stock 
July 2021
Version Category Sub Area External Notes
10.016.003 Accounts Order/receiving Fixed a display issue that presented when saving a PO delivery
10.016.003 Accounts Order/receiving When preferences require a PO to be linked to an SO you are now able to cancel the order despite not having a link
10.016.003 Finance Journals The New/Duplicate/Edit Journal screens can now export the journal lines using RM Click option
10.016.003 Finance Journals When changing the date of a Journal on Line 1, you will now be prompted to change ALL lines to new value.  This is required when you Duplicate an existing Journal from a different period.
10.017.001 CRM Leads Leads sources will now look up from the lead sources table for the drop down choice. Sources can be restricted to only entries from this table via a new CRM preference.
10.017.001 System Printing/Exporting V2 Fixed a bug where selecting output as preview for certain reports was not working
10.017.001 Stock Stock Take Fixed a bug where the preference for making nominal journals when doing stock audits was not being respected.
10.017.001 Accounts Deliveries/Consolidations Users are no longer allowed to recieve stock from a purchase order with a delivery date set in the future.
10.017.001 CRM Emails In email tab under crm tab. Draging emails from mailbox into sqlworks could result in emails with no body text or html being saved. This is no longer allowed
10.017.001 Accounts Reports Fixed totals column in PL Orders report when sorting by stock code.
10.017.001 Stock Misc Description has been removed from stock lookup.
10.017.001 Accounts Ledger Stock tab anual summary tab export now has month names in column headers.
10.017.001 Manufacturing Process Routes A process route can now be copied to another stock item via a right click menu on the workshop map
10.017.001 Manufacturing Process Routes When copying a process route to a new stock item you are given the option to make it the default route
10.017.001 Manufacturing Works Order Window Costs now display at correct dp
10.017.001 Manufacturing Works Order Window Process route cost panel redesigned for clarity
10.017.001 Stock Reports More space given to display stock qty on movements report
10.017.001 CRM Contacts When setting up contacts for B2B access, the button to send them their login details now opens an email window prepopulated with the necessary information.
10.017.002 Accounts Order Added invoiced status as a searchable option for order line detail,
10.017.002 CRM Projects Added a page for quote notes to the spec pack and job folder
10.017.002 CRM Projects Added filter type to show all active versions and added a total by account manager to pipeline anaysis report
10.017.002 CRM Projects Fixed bug where the care job pack was not correctly loading th work appointments for the project
10.017.002 System Misc Added utility to create a SQLWorks change log document to send out to clients with updates
10.017.002 CRM Diary Fixed a bug which prevented diary appointments from being moved via drag and drop.
10.017.002 Accounts Order/receiving We now indicate if the purchase order is a Forward Order type in the Orders Tab.
10.017.002 Accounts Ledger Added a value per supplier to indicate when a PO moves from being a Forward Order to a live Order.  If vlaue is zero, then the systemn value will be used.
10.017.002 Stock Transactions & History Show in the dashboard if the Cust or Purchase order is a Forward Order type
10.017.002 Accounts Order Fixed issue where price would be changed even if P&D rules were set to not apply when changing the delivery address
10.017.002 Accounts Invoices/Credit Notes Adjusted payment data import to look for the default analysis code for the account manager instead of just the override.
10.017.002 Accounts Order If the qty is ammended to 0 on the last line of a delivery note, the delivery note is now deleted.
10.017.002 CRM Companies Companies list no longer loads the first line on entry (unless history lists are enabled)
10.017.002 System Query Builder Fixed a bug preventing the query data from being exported
10.017.002 System Query Builder A blank column is added to the end of preview list so all columns have the correct width.
10.017.002 System Query Builder Fixed bug where a query would attempt to be created when no base table was selected.
10.017.002 Accounts Accounts Prefs Payment methods now stored in a grid. Transaction fees can be specified by payment type.
10.017.002 Accounts Receipts/Allocs If the payment type has a specified transaction type, either a payment will be added to a purchase account or a sundry cash record will be added to cover this fee.
10.017.002 System Pref & Function Objects Stoped message regarding unknown UD fields from appearing
10.017.005 Accounts Order Orders tab address tab now has copy to clipboard button.
10.017.005 Accounts Invoices/Credit Notes Transactions tab address tab now has copy to clipboard button.
10.017.005 Accounts Order Search box on orders tab now searches for delivery numbers.
10.017.005 System Logs (server, error etc) Audit Log renamed to Change Log
10.017.005 Accounts Misc Updated reset contract paid dates utility so that paid dates can be cleared
10.017.005 System Printing/Exporting Quotes and Orders wiill include their transaction number in the file name by default
10.017.005 Stock Ledger Fixes to BOM cost caclulations regarding uplift
10.017.005 System Query Builder Fixed Bug which meant if you tried to order by a concatinated column, the query would fail.
10.017.005 CRM Projects Added DP only options to sash window lines
10.017.005 CRM Projects Added underfloor section to payment elements
10.017.005 CRM Projects Added preference to change how the percent split between DP and CosyGlazing components is calculated
10.017.005 CRM Reports Added an option to print the surveyor conversion report by account manager
10.017.005 Finance Journals Added company name to the text of journals automatically created from deposits made on a project
10.017.005 CRM Projects When making a new phase, a prompt has been added to copy payment elements over
10.017.005 CRM Projects Creating a new version now copies the emails from the previous version
10.017.005 CRM Projects Created ventilation forms for the Spec and Job packs
10.017.005 CRM Projects Projects will now be sorted by name after other sorting is applied
10.017.005 CRM Companies Fixed the new company window so that SL and PL creation is not apparent in a non-accounting installation
10.017.005 System Timers If a scheduled daily timer runs early, the next timer start will be on the same day if possible.
10.017.005 CRM Projects Adjusted labels on care forms
10.017.005 CRM Reports Added new columns to the Project Contacts report
10.017.005 Stock Ledger Added Economic Order Qty (EOQ) which will be the default order qty when this item is selected in PL or WO
10.017.005 Accounts Order/receiving Bug fixes to ensure min purchase qty is honoured if specified
10.017.005 CRM Diary Fixed bug where the list view of the diary would not filter by layers selected
10.017.005 CRM Diary Ensured appointments made would add their initials to the diary list view
10.017.005 Manufacturing Works Order Processing Lot number selection now shows bin and warehouse information
10.017.005 Manufacturing Works Order Processing Lot number selection within a WO is restricted to the same warehouse as the component
10.017.005 Accounts Invoices/Credit Notes Fixed label printing capability for web orders
10.018.001 Manufacturing Works Order Processing Added completion controls for process routes to completion tab in Works order
10.018.001 Manufacturing Works Order Processing Works Orders will now plot future dates and runtime considering workcenter availaibly 
10.018.001 Accounts Accounts Prefs A check is now made to make sure ALL actions for MTD are run on Macs with OSX 10.15 (Catalina), or higher, eg, Big Sur
10.018.001 CRM Projects Changed Invoice reference code so if we have an invoice on the tenth or greater fee prop. the code will display correctly.
10.018.001 CRM Misc LAMP tasks which are not for SQLWorks team now create and send an email to lineals freshdesk address.
10.018.001 Accounts Ledger Added option to alert a client when they are put on CREDIT HOLD, including a date of that action
June 2021
Version Category Sub Area External Notes
10.015.013 Manufacturing Works Order Window Works order schedule cost per item is now calculated correctly
10.015.013 Core Pref & Function Objects When prefs are modified, all users will now reload the new preferences.
10.015.013 Accounts Misc Journal window has been updated to be clearer for Add to VAT ledger function
10.015.013 Accounts Misc VAT window now calculates the boxes correctly for Add to VAT ledger function
10.015.013 Accounts Misc VAT drill down list is much faster to show the detail lines.
10.015.013 Accounts Misc VAT drill down now calculates correctly for Add to VAT ledger function
10.015.013 Accounts Misc Fraud headers not tested by client, just emailed to Lineal.
10.015.013 Stock Price and discount The P&D screen has had a number of cosmetic changes for ease of use
10.015.013 Stock Price and discount The P&D screen will now prompt to save when leaving with unsaved changes
10.015.013 Stock Ledger Non-Stocked Item selection is now a radio button in stock ordering tab
10.015.013 Stock Ledger stock location field added to stock ordering tab in stock ledger
10.015.013 Core Users/Userprefs Admin users can amend user prefs for their staff
10.015.020 Stock Pricing Expanded options to choose RRP for retail price customers
10.015.020 Accounts Reports Added report for stock prices per customer in the sales ledger, taking P&D rules into account
10.015.020 Stock Price and discount Changed PAD details to not show duplicate/unnecessary information
10.015.020 Added a new excel import to update client types
10.015.020 Manufacturing Works Order Window Material cost per item now calculated correctly.
10.015.020 Accounts Reports New Order List SL report option to only show orders which have been part shipped.
10.015.020 Accounts Quote Fixed Bug preventing Quotes from saving on a lead.
10.015.020 Accounts Order New checks seek to alert the user when we believe the user is opening an order which in already being viewed.
10.015.020 Core Misc Fixed problem which would cause a unnessesary message to pop up during sign out.
10.015.020 Stock Stock movements & Qty Order report now correctly shows warehouse qty.
10.015.020 Core Users/Userprefs Fixed prompt which made no sense when creating a new user.
10.015.020 Instead of asking the user if we should email a FeeProp, we ask if we should save the fee prop to the project folder.
10.015.020 When creating a new project, we now automatically create a new company if none were provided.
10.015.020 CRM Leads Changing ‘lead source’ now correctly sets the record as modified, allowing it to be saved
10.015.020 Core Pref & Function Objects Numeric columns with decimal places are exported to Excel as number fields with thousand seperator (i.e 1,000.00)
10.015.022 Accounts Invoices/Credit Notes Updated the prompt behaviour when detecting changes in the price of an invoice
10.015.022 Accounts Invoices/Credit Notes Updated the prompt behaviour when detecting changes in the price of an invoice
10.015.022 Accounts Invoices/Credit Notes Added conditions for not applying price and discount rules when editing invoices if the invoice comes from a quote or order
10.015.022 Core Base4 General stability fixes within core data process
10.015.022 Accounts Ledger Cancelling edits to a sales ledger account will now also visibly cancel unsaved edits and additions to the P&D rules.
10.015.022 Core Base Classes Navigating away from a record being edited and choosing not to save will now correctly reset everything.
10.015.022 Accounts Misc When adding a new cashbook entry from the VAT ledger, you now cannot enter values into the Tax fields.
10.016.001 Accounts Misc Added T1 – T4 fields for Australian BAS production.
10.016.001 Accounts Misc Fixed problem preventing turnover tab filtering by nominal code in the debt history tab 
10.016.001 Core Error Handler Prevented an odd message regarding transaction mode from appearing.
10.016.001 Core Error Handler Fixed string of errors created when recieving a purchase delivery.
10.016.001 Stock Stock Take When printing check sheets there is a new prompt to remove confusion about whether all or just the current sheet will be printed
10.016.001 Stock Stock Take You are now able to create a stock take based on Bin + Brand combination
10.016.001 System SW prefs/Client Data B2B 2FA codes will now be tagged as the company auth codes rather than SQLWorks.
10.016.001 Accounts B2B Clicking the logo will now return the user to the home page
10.016.001 Accounts B2B Quantities in the basket will now display as a whole number
10.016.001 Accounts B2B Back orders message has been amended
10.016.001 Stock Order Allocation Order pick sheets are now restricted to only show stock in pick and bulk bin locations
10.016.001 System Misc Adjusted exports so that they will not prompt twice to replace a file if it already exists.
10.016.001 CRM Diary Fixed issue where selecting a group on the diary screen would show appointments for all users instead of just those in that group
10.016.001 CRM Diary Fixed issue where unselecting a user while all users is selected would not hide that user
10.016.001 Stock Transactions & History History by clients list export now uses month names for column headers
10.016.001 CRM Projects Added special plexi required option to the project summary tab. This will be displayed on house detail forms
10.016.001 CRM Projects Added What Three Words to the project site address tab. This will be displayed on all payment element lists in the spec pack and job folders.
10.016.001 System Timers Fixed bug which resulted in users being kicked out after being logged in consistently for 7 days.
10.016.001 Stock Price and discount Changed rule name label to be more clear on both stock ledger and sales ledger P&D tabs
10.016.001 Accounts Order Added Channel Islands and Isle of Man to list of countries that carriage can apply to
10.016.001 Accounts Order/receiving When printing an order request, you now choose order lines and qty before selecting a print destination rather than after.
10.016.001 Manufacturing Works Order Groups Fixed a problem which would cause the loss of any engineering documents assigned to a product whenever the user creates a works order from a customer order.
10.016.001 Accounts Reports New default report for customer order deliveries.
10.016.001 System SW Prefs/Client Data Fixed a message that would appear when issuing an update if core system tables have been modified.
10.016.001 System Gui4 Prevented an unwanted prompt from appearing during the save process.
10.016.003 CRM File Store When adding a document to a quote or order with one line, the document will be assigned to this line automaticaly.
May 2021
Version Module Sub Area External Notes
10015 Stock Stock Take Stock take willl now prompt for stock movement date and warn if that date is locked
10015 CRM Leads Actions grid on leads list now displays date of action rather than date of action creation
10015 CRM Companies Reports for Companies can now be output to RTF and a special SQLWorks format.
10015 Accounts Order/receiving Fixed a bug which caused a message regarding engineering docs to appeear when emailing an order when no such docs exist.
10015 CRM File Store New Document window automatically displays scaled image
10015 Manufacturing Works Order Window Fixed a redraw issue when dragging documents into the window
10015 Manufacturing Works Order Processing You can now delete works orders as long as no stock has been moved, process route has not been completed and there is no locked QA test associated with it
10015 Core Reporting Reports can be saved as RTF and a few other new formats.  There is the option of then emailing the completed report to a person.
10015 Accounts Account Corrections to the prompted error messages during account check
10015 Accounts Account Corrections to the prompted error messages during account check
10015 Stock Ledger On stock check we now only check nominal usage for valid nominal codes
10015 Stock Ledger Removed “Trade Discount Rate” field, trade discount can be set at SL account level or customised via pricing and discounting 
10015 Core Search Bars Most search fields above lists will now extend when the list is made bigger
10015 Core Reporting Made the reports menu more visible on windows machines
10015 Accounts Invoices/Credit Notes Added Postponed VAT checks and option to amend values if transaction is not locked 
10015 Accounts Order New checks when creating delivery notes. Cannot deliver more than what is outstanding on the order. 
10015 Accounts Invoices/Credit Notes New Checks when invoicing deliveries lets you know when a delivery is underinvoiced
10015 CRM Tasks Added an alert that will warn if user assigned tassk could not be loaded due to mis-configured security settings
10015 Added gross amount calculations so that window display amount matches agreed invoice amount
10015 Stock Transactions & History Additional restrictions added to stock movement creation
10015 CRM Companies When making a new company we always ask if we want to add it to the SL
10015 Core Navbar & Menus A new menu option exists that will reset all window display options for the signed in user
10015 Finance Audit Carry forward balances utility does additional checks
10015 Fixed the supplier / product info when moving quote options to order
10015 Core Users/Userprefs Users are now able to change their password from the user menu in SQLWorks.
10015 Core Pref & Function Objects Improvments to the Excel export including variable column widths, column alignment & column formats
April 2021
Module  Version  External Notes  New Feature? 
PR  1015  Fixed prompts when making new companies so it won’t ask to add a sales or purchase account if there is no address 
MAN  1014  New WIP stock report. Shows qty and value of stock currently under construction. 
STK  1014  New column in the projected and processed transactions tabs called ‘Ref’ For works orders this column will show the customer order which is connected to the works order. Any other transaction type will show ‘Our Ref’ for that transaction 
PL  1014  Fixed a bug preventing the user from assigning a purchase invoice to a different client 
NOM  1014  Nominal Journals can now update either the Net value or the Tax value in the Tax (VAT/GST) module 
VAT  1014  HMRC VAT Fraud Headers Vers 3 is now supported for MTD 
VAT  1014  Postponed Import VAT from freight handlers is now supported in PL Invoices & VAT MTD 
SYS  1014  Users can identify technical information to aid support by showing values when needed.  Details will be provided by the support agent when needed.
PDD  1014  Added P/order value (ex VAT) to Delivery Header Complex window 
STK  1014  Change to available qty calculation – if stock is pending it is not considered as available, e.g. delivery notes that have left the building 
STK  1014  QA Certificates can be printed in preview without locking.
STK  1014  QA Certificates can be printed before WO is build 
PR  1014  Address Tabs now show which is the Main Address for the company 
STK  1012  Added column to P&D to set a unit price per when the price rule applies 
VAT  1012  A new date field has been added to show when the last Calculate Tax option has been run.  Useful for Australian BAS production. 
PL  1012  Disabled return key = new line on PL delivery window 
STK  1012  Saving a PL invoice will no longer update the default cost for a product since the discount is unknown, this feature is now only available during saving of the PO. 
NOM  1012  Fixed a bug where changing Nominal codes for multi transactions was not allowed. 
PL  1012  In Purchase order receiving window, the label which said cancel order line has been changed to cancel remaining quantity. 
SL  1012  Quote, order, invoice details sections have a new button to allow the user to look up customer specific parts. 
SL  1012  Quantity’s on order list sl report will now show decimal places 
MAN  1012  Stock batches now track source batch (for transfers) as well as maintaining links to the PO or WO that generated them 
MAN  1012  Lot number generation for built WO batches 
MAN  1012  Lot number tracking against component items during Work Order builds 
STK  1012  QA Certificate System  
SL  1012  Redesigned “Double” Layout for quote, order and invoice windows 
PR  1012 

Added field for company domain name to be recorded, along with website, and main email address. 

In utility screen, there is an option to auto set this data from existing data 

SL  1012  Prevented imported quotes, orders and invoices from being affected by P&D, ensuring consistency in the data. 


March 2021
Module Version Published Notes New Feature?
MAIN 1011 The About SQLWorks window now shows technical information to assist support enquiries. Y
VAT 1011 Updated SQLWorks for MTD v3 fraud prevention headers Y
STK 1010 Added utility to export pricing rules in P&D to a CSV file. Y
SL 1010 Fixes to order and quote number sequence check utility
STK 1010 Added Lot number selection to works orders
CRM 1010 Fixed bug preventing notifications created by client reviews from sending.
MAN 1010 Fixed Bug preventing cancel quantities being entered for works orders where the quantity is less than 0.5
STK 1010 New Assets tab available for purchase ledger.
STK 1010 Can now see all purchase orders linked to an asset in the assets window
STK 1010 Can now assign a purchase order to an asset
STK 1010 Can now assign a purchase account to an asset.
STK 1010 Customer part numbers against stock items are now searchable Y
STK 1010 Added utility to import pricing rules, including against specific stock items or sales accounts Y
ALL 1010 To improve performance, the first account is not automatically loaded when you first open any account window.  This might be limited to when using a VPN connection in the futire or set as a user option Y
SL 1010003 Expanded section on shipment weight in quotes orders and invoices to allow for net, tare and gross weight
Bank 1010003 Updated cashbook bank check utility
February 2021
Module Version Published Notes

New Feature?

Sales 10009 Sales monthly summary now accounts for part complete orders
Sales 10009 Sales History analysis now shows a breakdown list at the bottom
Stock 10009 Stock ledger summary header tab now accounts for deliveries which hav not been invoiced
Stock 10009 Stock ledger Dashboard Orders group. added dispatch qty to cod list and rec qty to pod tab
Stock 10009 Bom Export now shows every level of components for an item.
Sales 10009 Invoices with a certificate will now print those when emailing Y
Stock 10009 When making a new copy from the stock ledger. The user is now able to copy the BOM to the new product. Y
Stock 10009 When making a new copy from the stock ledger. The user is now able to copy the production route to the new product. Y
Core 10009 Fixed date sorting in error log
STK 10009 Added stock utility to adjust the prices of all selected stock items by a specified percentage Y
SL/PL 10009 Set stock quantity display lists in transactions to only display as many decimal places as needed
STK 10009 Redesign of dispatch planner
STK 10009 A new preference setting has been added that allows you to automatically generate stock if there is not enough when processing invoices, this advance stock is automatically depleted when new stock is received and can be limited to only allow advance stock up to the outstanding PO/WO value Y
STK 10009 When prompting to chose a del no to invoice, only Un invoiced dispatch nos are listed
STK 10009 No prompt given about which dispatch note to invoice if there is only one to choose
STK 10009 WO in and WO out qty now listed separately in stock screen
PL 10009 Complete consolidation journals get the same JNO reference
PL 10009 Fixed the halting of purchase orders to correctly show messages and open existing halted orders successfully.
Stock 10009 Added report for counting into warehouse for all deliveries on a Consolidation Y
Stock 10009 When making a new copy of a product with a bill of materials and/or process routes, the user will be given the option to copy these over to the new product before saving.
Assets 10009 Minor bug fixes in Asset edit window
Assets 10009 Renamed Equipment to Asset
Sales 10009 Can now save documents to invoices without first saving the invoice. Y
Stock 10009 Can now see forward order status in transactions tab. Y
Stock 10009 New notes fields in the stock ledger. One will carry over to sales order notes, the other will carry over to purchase order notes. Y
Sales 10009 New dispatched orders report shows every dispatch with products and qtys for a given date range. Y
Sales 10009 New report Sales History Analysis shows all quotes orders and invoices and totals by month. Y
Sales 10009 New report Sales Monthly Summary shows totals for each month Y
Sales 10009 Certificates attached to a batch will be brought over to invoices Y
Manufacturing 10009 Certificates attached to a batch will be brought over to a works order when taking stock Y
Accounts 10009 Can now set a certificate document type in accounts prefs. Y
January 2021
Module Version Published Notes New Feature?
STK 10008 Added on cost standard field to stock
SL 10007 Added 2ndEORI number for Northern Ireland for each Sales account
Setup 10007 Added 2ndEORI number for Northern Ireland
CORE 10007 New windows will now open with their own preset size and position rather than system default
STOCK 10007 Added WOP qty to projected stock report
STOCK 10007 Removed the need to set a product as a kit – all fields now visible by default
SL 10007 Bu fix to correct the order summary report to use the order date, rather than date entered
MAIN 10006 Added sort function to all lists in the Caliach Vision Data Viewer window
CRM 10006 Test added for two iCal calendars with the same name. Y
CRM 10006 Fixed issue from Nominal transaction list for GetInfo
CORE 10006 GetInfo will no longer throw an error if used with a list that does not support it
ALL 10006 If history lists are turned on (for stock, SL, PL and company lists) the list will show the last viewed item rather than the top item in the list


December 2020
Module  Version  Published Notes  New Feature? 
PL  10006  Fixed setting Delivery Country in Purchase Orders 
STK  10006  BOM / Kit tab now only visible if you have works orders enabled 
core  10006  Fixed a problem where SQLWorks would not remember the last size and location of windows after logging out and in. 
Core  10006  Fixed graphical problem causing search boxes to appear in the wrong place 
SL  10006  Fixed a problem in the stock tab in the sales ledger where descriptions were incorrect. 
SL  10006  When printing invoices to pdf we no longer prompt page setup. 
Docs  10006  Fixed problem which prevented new documents saving correctly. 
PL  10006  Admins can now add/remove PO from consolidations while they are ‘In Transit’ 
PL  10006  When adding PO lines, if the header DUE DATE is after the LINE item Due date, the line item DUE DATE will be set to match the header value.  Then items will never arrive earlier, but could come later. 
PL  10006  Fixed issue where the orders tab wasn’t loading halted items in the purchase ledger 
SL  10006  Fixes to print unprinted invoices routine to correctly print an invoice selection 
Stock  10006  Added functionality to copy Pricing and Discounting rules when duplicating stock items 
Documents  10006  Removed older “Crystal reports” and “Letters” sections from “Document Management”, added new letters section to “CRM” 


November 2020
Module Version  Published Notes New Feature? 
SL  10006  Engineering Documents linked to order lines will be carried over to works orders 
SL  10006  Users are now able to link a document to an order line. 
SL  10006  Added a new option when allowing back orders in the sales ledger.  Ring first before allowing back order.  Y
PL  10005  Updated the design of the PL remittance report 
PR List  10005  Added hourly rate to employees table. This is set as a hidden field and can be used in manufacturing costing processes 
Stock  10005  Increased number of DP for the cost of components from 3 suppliers  Y
PL  10005  Added default Warehouse to take stock from and build W/O for suppliers marked as ‘Internal’  Y
SL  10005  Bug fixes to allow change of payment type in SL receipt window 
SL  10005  Can now enter a cancel qty when cancelling order lines. 
Stock  10005  Barcodes can now be made in EAN13 format, and printed onto POS labels 
ALL  10004  New change log now shows a window where you can track changes to the record – use filters to see just for a single column, user or date range 


October 2020
Module  Version  Published Notes  New Feature? 
SL/PL/CMP  10004  Added history list option to SL PL and Company windows that records the last 50 companies viewed, keeping the most recent on top so that you can quickly jump to a recent company or account. Open the history list by clicking the logo to the left of the search box 
SL  10004  Increase SL account notes to 10000 char limit 
DOCS  10004  Fixed problem when viewing document meta data. 
CRM  10004  Added Print Analysis button in Diary screen (Wide mode version) 
PL  10004  Show longer Stock description in consolidation screens 
BANK  10004  Restricted the ability for the user to amend bank transfer records, if needed these must now be corrected with a reversing transaction 
NOM  10004  Corrected the calculation of the P&L totals line as seen from the balance sheet report 
NOM  10004  Added option to print a balance sheet showing figures after appropriation 
NOM  10004  Corrected sign of the retained profit in nominal edit window 
NOM  10004  Added a check to make sure that the SQLWorks control nominal code must sum to zero after a nominal audit 
PL  10004  Added Forward Order flag to PO Tab 
Stock  10004  Re-order report now only show active stock items. 
Stock  10004  New option when printing a variance report shows all stock items which have been checked. 
CORE  10004  If emails fail to send the user is now given the option to attempt to resend. 
ALL  10004  All records that are updated in SQLWorks record their changes in a change history log by default 
ALL  10004  Changes to the save system will now check and block a save if  you are modifying a record at the same time as another user. The first attempt to save will be allowed, the second attempt will be blocked and reported as a failure 
ALL  10004  Have implement a save versioning system so that if 2 people are working on a record, one will be able to save while the other will not (but is warned) 
STK  10004  New preference to control whether product code is applied automatically 
STK  10004  Fixes to supplier 3, minor redesign of tab to include dedicated product name of key suppliers 
SL  10004  VAT country is now set to either the final destination  country or the delivery country (if set) 
PL  10004  Fixed issue where variance records were incorrectly blocking the deallocation process 
PL  10004  Multiple fixes and updates in account checking utilities 
ADMIN  10004  When creating new users, you will now be warned if the userid you have entered already exist 
CRM  10004  When setting up a new company, the email address for the default contact is now calculated as the default email address for the company.  
BANK  10004  Fixed bug which prevented editing cashbook records 
PL  10004  Fixed bug which prevented importing purchase invoices from (.csv) files. 
PROJECT  10004  Finance tab now shows linked SL and PL lines 
PROJECT  10004  Can now open invoices from Project PL details tab  
SL  10004  Fixed the ‘link balance qty’ option on a sales order so that it allows you to update the qty from an invoice line that is already linked 
ACCOUNTS  10004  Added a button that allows you to open a linked order from the transactions tab 
DOCS  10003  When opening a file from SQLWorks, it will now prompt to replace a previously opened version, in case two documents share the same name. 
STK  10003  Added ability to investigate why there is pending qty by right clicking on the field in the stock ledger 


September 2020
Module  Version  Published Notes  New Feature? 
NOM  10003  Added fields for budget table planning.  Link to Company now for finer detail on planning 
PL  10003  Bug fixes that prevented opening PL invoices and checking for previous occurrences of supplier invoice number on save 
PL  10003  Added criteria to Outstanding Orders report so a to and from delivery date can be selected and changed report heading to ‘Outstanding Orders’ 
STOCK  10003  You can multiple select entries in the Stock Dashboard for selected totals 
CRM  10003  Fixed the display of the date when manually synchronising the diary. 
STK  10003  New icon in WO component list to show stock availability at a glance 
SL  10003  Bug fixes for head office invoicing system 
STK  10003  Available stock updates after taking/building in a WO0 
STK  10003  Serial number prefixes now working with WO 
SL  10003  NewAccountsPref ‘Group Invoices by due date on dashboard.’ Allows the user to choose if invoices should be grouped by invoice date or due date on the dashboard in the sales ledger. 
SL  10003  If pricing and discounting is enabled and we are changing client on an order, we prompt the user to ask if the order should be repriced. 
VAT  10003  Added additional columns to the VAT transaction report window to show the amount being included in vat calculations. This is to help with investigation work and they are also included in the export 
PL  10003  Fixed bug when sending purchase orders to invoice. 
CORE  1003  When you choose to ‘Expand a List’ and you select a number of lines, then the totals are shown just for those selected lines. 
WO  10003   WO take slider remains visable at all times 
WO  10003  WO take qty can be specified in correct decimal places 
SL  10003  SL transaction search now does not search for variance and settlement records. 
Sales  10003  Changed layout on delivery notes to match invoice. 
WO  10003  Works order groups now remain visible on internal PL accounts 
LEAD  10003  Quote duplication fixed for leads 
LEAD  10003  Lead quote conversion fixed 
SL  10003  Bug fix that was preventing date calendar chooser prompts to open 
ALL  10003  Transactions can be modified even after they are submitted via MTD, though VAT related info required to reproduce the invoice cannot be changed 
PL  10003  Allowed Purchase account Is Internal Flag to be searchable for list of accounts 
MRP  10003  Changes to documents on works orders. Now allows documents to new works orders without first saving.  Y
Sales  10003  Orders with a lot of order lines now open more quickly. 
swCore6  10003  Changes should ensure windows users will always return to the sign in window after an update. 


August 2020
Module  Version  Published Notes  New Feature? 
CRM  10003  Added Move Green Arrows for user list on diary entry view (Right side view only) 
CRM  10003  Each user can set the diary data view, Top, Bottom or Right. 
CRM  10003  Diary data now shown on right for bigger calendar view 
SYS  10003  Added Windows menu that had gone 
SYS  10003  Added Quit option for Windows users 
SYS  10003  Added option to Compress Nom by different levels in Accounst Prefs 
SL  10002  When duplicating a quote we now give the option to close the old one. 
SL  10002  New columns added to sales margin report. Profit and markup 
Bank  10002  Auto setting of the cheque number can now be set by PL or SL or Both.  Yes 
Bank  10002  Bank screen now shows last cheque & pay in slip ref numbers  Yes 
PL  10002  Due dates added to WO 


July 2020
Module  Version  Published Notes  New Feature? 
STK  10002  Fixed MRP complete prompt 
STK  10002  Fixed a bug where some tooltips in the stock ledger would not display correctly 
STK  10002  If no active batches loaded, ALL Batches are loaded. 
SL  10002  Orders can be sent to invoice from the order window. Order will close during this process 
CRM  10002  Added ‘No User’ to list of users when assigning a task in VPN mode. 
CRM  10002  Fixed bug where the user couldn’t search for Task id number while in VPN mode. 
CRM  10002  New Load detail button for task edit window while in VPN mode. 
PURCH  10002  Fixed problme showing Allocation date in Xref tab. 
SYS  10002  Added ‘Clear’ option for SL & PL contact types in Setup Window  
DOCS  10002  Improvements to the remove document option with better error checking and reporting  
STOCK  10002  Added functionality to create discount percent rules for transaction lines based on stock item, qty, date and more. 
PRLIST  10002  Fixes to the warning prompts when adding new company 
STOCK  10002  Added schedule notes tab to WO 
STOCK  10002  Added engineering tag type for files so that they can be added to WO documents by default 
STOCK  10002  Added engineering documents to WO window, option to print these as additonal docs when printing WO 
STOCK  10002  Added engineering notes to stock with passthough to new WO window
STOCK  10002  Changes to the stock movement screen so that it honours the system default warehouse and bin 
DOC  10002  Fixes to prevent accidental deletion of files using the file browser 
SL/ PL  10002  When the default payment method is set for each account this will pe used when setting up a payment.  
SL  10002  Can now set a default report per sales account for statements, invoices, orders, quotes, credit notes. 
STK  10001  Added additional checks to detect broken allocation records 
CRM  10001  Task Statistics report added to show performance per week 
BANK  10001  Statement list now shows Open & Close balance values 


June 2020
Module  Version  Published Notes  New Feature? 
SL  10001  Can now set a default report per SL account for invoices, credit notes etc. 
SL  10001  Audit logging is working for orders. 
CRM  10001  When running ‘Set default address’ utility the current address is first checked to ensure it is valid. If it is invalid we give it a valid address. 
BNK  10001  When running the utility ‘Check Bank Recs Match Trans’ you can now export the resulting lists. 
BNK  10001  Changes to the “check bank statements” utility making the results easier to read 
MAIN  10001  Backup process can now send through a more secure FTP system to our backup storage to keep copies safe. 
MAIN  10001  Display the tables that have Audit turned ON in the Sys Prefs window 
STK  10001  New Demand Planner feature is now available from navbar 
STK  10001  Bug fixes in WO take stock process 
STK  10001  Minor redesign of the stock pricing tab 
STK  10001  Stock cost changes now include a ref identifying why they were changed 
CRM  10001  Added NOTES field to task window.  These notes do not get sent to client 
CRM  10001  Enabled the PADLOCK to unlock task text.  You need to unlock with ALT key pressed. 
STK  8017  Stock availability moved to ordering tab 
SL  8017  New warning for low stock when modifying the stock qty on an order or invoice.  Y
SL  8017  Added a back order repot option to SL Orders report.  Y
SL  8017  Added “Your Ref” field to SL transaction tab 
CRM  8017  Columns reordered in Contracts TAB  Y
CRM  8017  Task now show Days Since Last Modified column.  If over 10 days, the line is RED  Y


May 2020
Module  Version  Customer Notes  New Feature 
CORE  8017  Global Open Record will now correctly open Works Orders 
STK  8017  New Works Orders report in stock ledger 
STK  8017  WO now points to sales order line rather than sales order header 
STK  8017  Works Order tab redesigned and estimated component qty information has been integrated into Works Order component list 
SL  8017  Order due and order dispatch dates now correctly labelled as estimated dates 
SL  8017   The red green blue load record buttons now work correctly for quotes, orders an invoices. 
BANK  8017  Can now make bank accounts inactive. 
STK  8017  Added 3 syncing modes to keep WO finish data, WO deadline and CO dispatch dates synchronised in various ways 
CO  8017  Order delivery due and dispatch due dates are now correctly updated. Dispatch date (ship date) cannot be after delivery due date (cust receive date) 
SL  8017  Can now right click on order line and open WO’s connected to it 
STK  8017  Works Order groups now allow selection of customer order per WO 
STK  8017  Redesign of the WO tab in stock ledger 
STK  8017  Amending cost of a BOM, now updates parent items 
NOM  8017  Changed the printing of P&L to show under/over values in RED 
NOM  8017  Added display of P&L to show DBTs with () in record section and/or totals section 
NOM  8017  Added choice to clear future budget values from P&L. 
NOM  8017  Fixed export of P&L to file 
CRM  8016  Now able to view Forwarded or replied to emails in the companies or project windows.   
PR  8016  Company User Defined fields are now NOTES display type for entering larger values. 
STK  8016  New qty levels added per stock item for trigger and reorder qty as applied to MRP 
STK  8016  New preference added to stock to determine preference to PO or WO 
STK  8016  New MRP window will now generate WO and PO based on variable time horizon 
PL  8016  Changes to PL costs now cascade through all levels of BOM (If live settings are applied) 
STK  8016  Back flushing and returns now available as part of Works order processing 


April 2020
Module  Version  Published Notes  New Feature? 
Accounts  8016  Each user can decide to show numeric columns with zeros as blank in the Quote/Order/Transaction tabs.
CRM  8016  Added Task last edit date & time to Task Lists 
CRM  8.016  Can open a linked project from a diary entry.
SL/PL  8.016  Can now see transaction date in allocations table. 
STOCK  8.016  Added Minimum stock value field to Print check sheet prompt. 
UPDATE  8.016  Added seconds remaining timer to update working message. 
UPDATE  8.016  Added error checking for fileops during update. 
MAIN  8016  For a new install of SQLWorks, you will be prompted for database connection details. 
SL  8016  Added Credit Note count and Account balance to service Charge list 
SL  8016  If there are credit notes still left unallocated, then service charge invoices are prompted first 
MAIN  8016  Fixed backup of serverless systems. 
NOM  8016  Nominal data now shows variance values in Green / Red when looking at each record, when the Variance tab is enabled. 
NOM  8016  Profit & Loss reports now show budget figure correctly for Loss/Gain 
NOM  8016 

Budget plans now have a setting to set the Income values as Positive or Minus values. 

All data must store as : Income = Negative 

SALES  8016  Multiple customer order lines can be sent to standard WO from sales ledger 
STK  8016  Works order may be unbuilt with stock either being returned to build bin, or default warehouse location  
STK  8016  Auto update of stock price will cascade up the BOMs for that item (depending on preferences) 
STK  8016  Redesign of Works order window 
STK  8016  Resupply qty and additional restock qty added as part of MRP 


March 2020
Module  Version  Published Notes  New Feature? 
ALL  8.15  Clients now able to use SQLWorks to submit/retrieve tax in accordance to MTD 


February 2020
Module  Version  Published Notes  New Feature? 
NOM  8.14  Corrected a bug that prevented get info from working for nominal journals in the nominal load trans list  


January 2020
Module  Version  Published Notes  New Feature? 
SL  8.12  Each Sales account can be prompted to print either Del Note, or Invoice after creating a new document. 
DOCS  812  Exporting documents to the SQLWorks docs folder now adds the correct extension to the file name 
DOCS  812  Changes to move file store utility to allow URL based files to be transferred to database storage 
VAT  812  Added a check to look for items that contain VAT when they are coded to a nominal code that should not allow VAT 
BANK  812  Petty cash transfers cannot contain VAT 
DOC  812  When HTML only emails are read the plain text component will be extracted from HTML if no plain text component could be found 
PRLIST  812  Company mail merge export now has info for details last confirmed 
STK  812  Bill of materials can be imported from a file in kit details tab using drag & drop 


December 2019
Module Version Published Notes New?
PL 812 PL search function now looks for CONTAINS values in Our Ref field. Y
STOCK Stock Ledger Order allocation report was giving an error
STOCK Set kit info lookups to only read data from active kit items
SL Fixes to automatic credit control process
DOCS 812 Document storage mode is restricted to off, internal or external =DB
NOM 812 When clicking on a 0 audit number record, a full was being done. Fixed this problem.
NOM 812 Nominal transactions can now be compressed by Audit code.  Eg, debtors code now shows 1 line per invoice, and not each line by default. You can toggle the display to see all lines, or just the total per Audit Code. Y
SL 8012 My Activity tab can now show ALL activity.  Click on RED toggle icon. Y
NOM 8012 Nominal ledger now allows you to right click a journal and reverse it. You will be able to set the date of the reverse journal but everything else will be handled automatically. Y
NOM 8012 Nominal ledger now allows you to duplicate a journal entry into a new journal then modify details from there. Y
NOM 8012 Nominal journal edit window now handles the entire transaction Instead of one nominal journal line. The edit window can only modify the date, description and reference. When changing the date the change can be applied to all lines. Y
GENERAL 8011 Employee section expanded to include bio and photo Y
STK 8011 Added option to filter stock list by product type from quick select menu


November 2019
Module Version Published Notes New?
STK 8011 Colour, material and size now have a lookup to show previously entered values
STK 8011 Added ‘Show Outstanding W/no’ button Y
STK 8011 Added Works Order list to Stock Menu Y
PRLIST 8011 Fixes to the new company window, SL or PL tabs will automatically be enabled if created from the SL or PL
SL 8011 New preference allowing you to decide if outstanding orders are also put on hold with the account Y
NOM 8011 Corrected column data for T Account display
NOM 8011 Trial Balance has profit value added in totals. Y
CRM 8011 Changed the detection for corrupt emails during import.  Better feedback given Y
CRM 8011 Prompt to delete imported emails after import. Y
CRM 8011 Saving the email headers and MIME lists on email import Y
CRM 8011 Added routine to check for duplicate emails while importing into SQLWorks Y
PREFS 8011 Quotes tab includes additional section to setup trade portal preferences.
STK 8011 Stock type categories have been added to the stock info tab – you can set an unlimited number of stock types (similar to client types) from the stock extras section, you can then tag each stock item against any number of these from the stock info tab Y
STK 8011 Tab sequence reordered, minor adjustments to layout
SL 8011 Order No sequence check now deals with IWT orders
STK 8011 Added field for “commission percentage” to stock Y
SL 8011 Added field for “fixed carriage price” to SL accounts, this is for when there is a carriage agreement in place.



STK 8011 Stock items can now link to another stock item that represents the packet or box that contains it. Package items can be chained together.



SL 8011 Corrections to overnight credit control sync logs



STK 8011 System wide unit values are shown in stock tab



STK 8011 Added unit values in account prefs so that system wide units can be set for the values stored for dimensions (W/D/H) volume, weight and density.



STK 8011 Length has been renamed to height so that we now have width+height+depth. Width can be used for length or diameter if needed



STK 8011 Moved dimension and material information from analysis to info tab



SL 8011 Added a preference that determines whether or not accounts will go on hold if there are transactions that are overdue (instead of just exceeding credit limit)



SALE 8010 Allowed reconciling negatives to keep its transaction open so that other data changes can be made before committing the reconciliation.
SALE 8010 Fixed prepayment nominal journals so that they debit the correct code.



ALL 8010 Corrections to prompt windows that were defaulting to cancel instead of OK



SALE 8010 Adjusted deallocations so that it doesn’t stop a user if the allocation amount is greater than the slh_aloc amount. It will prompt the user to let them know there was an error in the original allocation, but continue with deallocation anyway. Y
October 2019
Module Version Published Notes New
EMAIL  8010  Forwarded Emails now include attachments 
BANK  8010  Bank changes now sync correctly with purchase ledger. 
EMAIL  8010  New tabs in preferences allow the user to modify default subject/body/from address etc based on email type e.g. statements. 
CRM  8010  New option to allow company addresses to have a vat code and be made vat exempt. 
SL  8010  New credit control option for overnight sync – thisis manual during the day but recalculated overnight 
SL  8010  SL accounts will now check credit control via a timer and will set the account on hold every night 
EMAiL  8010  Added check for unsent mail option to email list 
EMAIL  8010  Added status filter to email browser 
PRLIST  8010  Added option of loading inactive companies in the company data report. 


September 2019
Module  Version  Published Notes  New 
SL  8010 

Reports menu, utilities, Check SL Balances. 

Once the Check SL Balences method returns a list of errors there are 2 additional buttons  

(Investigate All and Investigate Selected). These will look through each transaction line by line to check if each transaction has the correct allocation amount and then checks if the variances for each payment are correct. 

Returns a list of errors. 

SL  8010  Changes to transactions tab-allocations tab-context menu. Additional options include go to transaction (takes you to the transaction selected in the list of allocations), check allocations (runs the same method from ‘Investigate selected’ see above), expand list, export list.  Y
SL  8010  Changes to meta data. Disables stock lookup using ‘contains’. Enabled for Lineal only.  
PRList  8009  Changed the layout and design of the touchpoints filter  
Stock  8009  Fixes to the print sheet option in stock audit when filtering by stock group or supplier 
SL/PL  8009  Fixes required to deallocation process where credit notes were allocated with currency variance amounts 
SL/PL  8009  Corrections to the deallocation process which did not work when variance records also needed to be removed 


August 2019
Module  Version  Published Notes  New 
STK  v8009  Added stock audit history to stock history tab. 
SL  v8009  Fixed New receipt windowso correct payment ref is displayed when selecting payment type in radio group. 
STK  v8009  Changes to stock audit ‘print check sheet’ to allow the user to only print records from a particular supplier/stock group. 
STK  v8009  Corrections to IWT transfer process from stock movement screen 
LEADS  v8009  Leads will update tasks to the new company when converted 
CRM  v8009  Fixes to the touch point tab – improved filters, faster loading, bug fixes for fringe load cases 
PL  V8008  Fixed payment window so correct payment ref is displayed when selecting payment type in radio group. 
PL  V8008  Bug fix to prevent error message during reconciliation. 
LEADS  V8008  Bug fix to remember country code selection in the leads window. 


July 2019
Module  Version  Published Details  New 
NOM  V8008  Holding ALT key and clicking on the red TOGGLE button when entering a new Journal, will reverse all existing lines.  Good for reversing a duplicated journal. 
STOCK  V8008  Added Serial No search button to Stock Toolbar. 
ALL  V8007  The number of transactions loaded in a Tab window can now be set. For high transaction count accounts, this will speed up the use of SQLWorks for the user. 
VAT  V8008  Allowed 2 VAT periods to be open.  Only the oldest one will search for out of date transactions. 
SL  V8007  Fixed the loading of some contracts in the sales ledger. 
PL  V8007  Updated incVAT / exVAT buttons on PL order and invoice windows to allow for rounding differences 
SL  V8007  Added quick email button for Inv/ord/Statement addresses. 
NOM  V8007  Fixed double clicking a transaction in the nominal ledger to view it. 
EMAIL  V8007  Fixed issues with sending an email from the email window. 
BANK  V8007  Added ability to edit the opening balance on a bank statement for finance admins by right clicking the field. 


June 2019
Module Version Published Details New





Added quick email button for Inv/ord/Statement addresses.  
SL  V8007  New feature to add an Action record to a Sales/Purchase account to record an action taken, eg, spoken about credit limits, promised funds, sent info, etc.  Press F4 button to initiate. 
VAT  V8007  New HMRC fraud headers implemented as per HMRC instructions 
BANK  V8007 

Rationalised payment/receipt naming type methods, 


VAT  V8007  MTD tools added to connect prev periods 
Pl  V8007  Added Analysis to Defaults Tab 
SL  V8007  Added Analysis to Defaults Tab
DOC  V8007  Due to errors with the documents tab that some clients are having being traced to the tree list, this list is now hidden by default. For those who are used to using this, once it is shown it will remember this for the next time it is accessed. 


May 2019
Module  Version  Published Details  New 
STK  8007  Nominal, Analysis and dept lookups have been fixed in stock window 
STK  8007  Only members of Profit admin can see cost in simple stock tab 
SL  8007  Added VAT to invoice list in receipt window 
SL  8007  Bank details show correctly in receipt window  
PL  8007  Dashboard tab in PL account window now redraws correctly after entering a payment 
SALES  8007  Added functionality to delivery notes to add new lines to existing delivery notes. 


March & April 2019
Module  Version  Published Details  New 
SoP  8007  Added Credit check routine for new SoP orders.  Can be over written in sat lib if required. 
CRM  8007  Added 2FA for remote access by Contact Link users so they can see their own tasks.
CORE  8007  Added 2FA for remote access by Lineal users.
VAT  8007  Making Tax Digital (MTD) now live for UK clients.
SL  8007  Added ability to select multiple Cust orders and invoice into a single record.
NL  8006  Increased the data held per Asset record.
NL  8006  Added option to each Nominal code to show it in the dashboard.
PL  8006  Added Customs account number for Supplier.
PL  8006  Added supplier ID for barcode prefix on their products.
PL  8006  Added number of days for goods to be in transit from supplier.
SL  8006  Added more options for settlements on debtor receipts.
CRM  8007  Added remote access details for Client access via Browser, inc 2FA.


February 2019
Module  Version  Published Details  New 
SL 8006  New data per customer can be held: Settlement terms are set from Inv date or next month date 
PL 8006  New data per supplier can be held: Custom’s No, Manufacturer Bar Code No, Settlement terms 
COMPANY 8006  Remote access can be set by user, with different levels of security.  Passwords are randomised, emailed, etc 
STOCK 8006  Stock unit description is now taken from a lookup list 
VAT 8006  VAT Edit window now supports monthly, 3 monthly & yearly returns 
STOCK 8005.96  New report: Slow Moving Stock. This report identifies stock items that have had a number of transactions under a given threshold in a given timeframe.
CRM 8005.96  Fix: Improved and fixed ability to export the task list shown in the CRM tab of the Companies section.
STOCK 8005.96  New report: Stock Margin report displays the margin on each product with price, amount in stock, etc.


January 2019
Module  Version  Published Details  New?
SCL 8006 When printing the list from the tab, the sort order of the visible tab is preserved.
DOC 8006 Added utilities to clear up space in the database by removing any duplicate files.
MAIN 8006 Added a user preference to set the highlight text colour in the navbar. This preference will only be used on windows installations.
MAIN 8006 Fixed nav bar text visibility when highlighted on windows machines.


December 2018
Module  Version  Published Details  New? 
SL 8006 You can now search invoices for Serial numbers.
SL 8006 Disputed Sales invoices are not taken into consideration for Credit Limit checks.
SL 8006 Disputed sales invoices are now shown in RED.
SL 8006 Halted Orders are now shown in RED.
SL 8005 New defaults for SoP override & SoP Full Stop added. Pricing & Discount flag visible.
SETUP 8005 New image file select buttons on Logo tab now support JGP & PNG file types.
CORE 8005 Many headed lists now have an option to Copy to Clipboard, so great for Excel users. Selected lines are just copied.


November 2018
Module Version Published Details New
ALL 8005 Fixed bugs in various places in the system that would be having issues for users not using either CRM or Accounts.
PL&SL 8005 When using the search windows for SL & PL, double clicking now opens the whole transaction window. 
SL 8005 Fixes to the allocation process where credit notes were used. Y


August / September / October 2018
Module Version Published Details New?
STK 8005 Added Batch ID and Batch Lot Number to batch system allowing tracking of supplier lot numbers.
CRM 8005 Fixed a bug in which the touchpoints tab was not loading any information in additional tabs for individual CRM sections if these were there.
CORE 8005 There is now a button to test entered email settings when editing User Prefs. This will let you know if the settings entered are incorrect or if there is another issue.  Y
SL 8005 When applying credit notes to invoices with settlement you can (optionally) reduce the amount of settlement offered on the invoice Y
SL 8005 Added the ability to reconcile credit notes to invoices while adding a new payment, account credit limit is shown Y


July 2018
Module Version Published Details New?
PR 8004 RM Click to open website addresses in Browser or hold ALT, and open within SQLworks Y
PR 8004 RM click on many email addresses will allow you to email direct from Company/Sales/Purchase paneLs and other places. Y
CRM 8004 The display of HTML email messages is now handled by Chrome, which is now built into SQLWorks Y
CRM 8004 Default to PLAIN TEXT for viewing all emails Y
PL 8004 Bug fixes in consolidations window
SL 8004 New Payment renamed to New Receipt
STK 8004 Changes to order processing – when loading records it will now warn if on hold orders were found and not displayed


June 2018
Module Version Published Details New?
PL  8003  Added Export of PLINV & accounting email addresses  Y
SL  8003  Added Export of SLINV & accounting email addresses  Y
PRList  8003 Touchpoint filters are now multi-select, allowing any number of data types to be shown or hidden. 
CRM  8003  Added ‘follow up’ task functionality, automatically filling in all appropriate details and storing an internal link. 
CRM  8003  Added support for deadlines, helping prioritise tasks and flagging overdue tasks 
CRM  8003  Added icons for high priority and overdue tasks in the task list. Improved sorting, window design. 
CRM 8003 New task preference to send emails when a task is added or updated for another user.


May 2018
Module Version Published Details New?
Email  8002  Now support HTML signatures on email send 
CRM  8002  New letters option for MS Word style document creation with client list integration 
SYS  8002  SL Account graphs now redraw automatically on change 
SYS  8002  Fixes to toolbar window layout 


April 2018
Module Version Published Details New?
SYS 8002 Able to set each user to run the backup process on Quit. Y
SYS 8002 Prompt for backup when users logoff if backup is overdue Y
SYS 8002 First time installations of SQLWorks v8 will prompt for startupsettings.txt details at $SignIn window. Y
VAT 8002 Fixed loading of PTY & NLT when loading transactions
CSH 8002 Added selected line sub total in Transaction Tab, as per GL screen
BNK 8002 Added selected line sub total in Transaction Tab, as per GL screen
BNK 8002 Added search bar to Bank transactions tab Y
NL 8002 Added a filter to Search Bar.  Select by Nominal anlaysis type for P&L, BS, etc.
NL 8002 Dashboard quicker to startup.  Added refresh button for Current Data Tab.
NL 8002 Nominal screen users can enable tabs and the connected group box of data
NL 8002 Nominal account screen now has a graph to show Actual vs budget
SL 8002 Monthly Sales Analysis report is renamed to Sales Period Analysis, minor tweaks for useabilty


March 2018
Module Version Published Details New?
PL  8002  Added ability to amend delivery due date on a PO line item 
PL/SL  8002  Repricing transaction lines will no longer clear prices for non-stock items 
PL/SL  8002  Preview transaction on screen no longer permits printing or export 
BNK  8002  Added comparison tool in Bank to compare bank entries with nominal audit by month 
SL  8002  Improvements to disbursement system when being saved as halted invoices 
NOM  8002  Year locking, auditing and appropriation are recorded in audit log 
STK  8002  Added audit log tracking when doing stock imports  
SL  8002  Changes to transaction import that now allow column matching by number, by generic column names or by actual SQLWorks column names 
SL  8002  Automatic credit control changes will also set orders on/off hold (if on hold status was not manually locked) 
STK  8001  All Stock header tabs have been redesigned with emphasis on grouping of financial &  order processing info 
SL  8001  Removed Contract Status message that appears for every new contract 
BANK  8001  Bug fix in petty transfer 


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